Holy Stone HS100 Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Holy Stone HS100 Review

Holy Stone HS100 Review – is one of the best drones on the market, suitable for everyone, especially beginners. Ease of use, stability, and flexibility is something any drone wants to aim for.

Holy Stone HS100 Review


  • It’s simple to fly this particular drone.
  • The flight time of 18 minutes is very long for such a cost.
  • Accessible at a very reasonable cost.
  • The flying range is decent.
  • It includes a 2K camera that is upgraded.


  • There is not some attribute to prevent barriers.
  • It does not include a global stabilizer.

holy stone hs100 review - What is in the box

1. What is in the box?

The HS100 includes all you need right from the box. Below is a listing of accessories you’ll see in the product’s shipping bundle.

  • 1 HS100 drone along with a 2.4Ghz transmitter
  • 1 USB Charging cable
  • Landing gear
  • 4 Propellers and 4 propeller guards
  • A user guide
  • 1 headset, 4 screws, 4 blade pads, and 4 rubber bits for screws
  • A card reader & 8G TF card

2. Product Specifications

Here are the quick specs of the product, which can allow you to determine if it’s the correct product for you or not.

  • You will find barometer and gyroscope sensors extending on a 6 axis.
  • The GPS is all up to the mark.
  • It includes a 720 or resolution.
  • The transmitter may be corrected at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Hole Stone Drone Hs100 review includes a 2500 m Li-Po battery that requires 3 to 6 hours to become fully charged.
  • The range of transmitters is 500 meters, and electricity of 2.4 GHz.
  • There’s just 1 key used to land and remove the drone.
  • This is a drone version.
  • Additionally, it empowers the follow Me style to move behind you all of the time with the distance, and you do not need to restrain it.
  • There’s elevation grip.
  • It’s a security feature which enables emergency stop.

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holy stone hs100 review - Flight Time

3. Flight Time

As stated in the Holy Stone Drone newspapers, this drone comes with a flight time of 18 minutes. Although we used this product and calculated that the flight period, we came to understand it has about 16 minutes of flight time.

We consider this time is a fantastic deal since it’s simply a beginner-level drone. When compared to other economical drone versions, this one is accompanied by an impressive flight capability.

The cause for this period of flight would be that the heavy battery which powers the drone up and heads around the 7.4 V and 3500 mA Li-Po battery. This battery aids the drone to remain in the atmosphere for about three hours should you charged the battery for its maximum.

There are a few excellent-looking LED lights at the drone’s rear, which will let you know concerning the charging left from the drone. This way, if the battery drops down, you’ll be advised and reunite the drone on the floor.

4. Control Range

In case you’ve got perfect conditions and the weather is good, this mobile has an excellent capability to fly into the highest range of approximately 600 m in the atmosphere. Even though if you use other features such as the FPV and fly, you may get the range of about 350 m.

The main reason we adore this drone is your return to residence attribute, which makes it possible for the drone to return home even if you’ve taken it too much. In this manner, your prized position won’t be lost, along the footage which the camera gets me will remain with you forever.

For the FPV attribute, you’ll have to set up the Holy Stone Drone program on your cellular phone, either it’s Android or iOS. It has genuinely returned, and minimal remote controller and the size fit flawlessly in your hand.

You will find ergonomic handles in the control so you won’t become tired, and the palms will remain comfy. Also, it includes an intelligent phone bracket, so you may keep your phone on the rack and discover what’s happening on your own FPV drone.

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holy stone hs100 review - Camera

5. Camera

The top quality of the Holy Stone HS100 is its 2k camera. This is, in fact, an update because initially, it arrived with a 1080p camera. Getting a drone that costs less than $200 may take some pretty nice videos and graphics. It’s a wide-angle lens that will let you capture additional detail in each shot you take.

The camera includes a micro SD card slot on the trunk and the rear, where you can capture your videos and graphics.

The FPV feed is sent in 720p resolution, which pretty good quality, but if you fly in less than optimum conditions, you might experience some disturbance.

Since it doesn’t have any picture or movie stabilization feature, you might observe some shakiness and jello impact. Still, as you won’t use this particular drone in any professional capacity, a tiny distortion shouldn’t be much of a problem. In general, this is a great camera and worth its cost.

Additional Particular features of this drone:

  • Follow me: This mode controls the drone to trace your every measure and catch aerial videos or photos. This is by way of the GPS-assisted function.
  • Return to homework: This is among the most significant features of HS100. This makes sure you don’t shed your drone. This function lets the drone automatically find its way back home as it loses signal, or so the battery gets weak, etc…

6. Flight Performance

The Holy Stone HS100 includes an excellent and stable flight performance, it’s simple to command, and the FPV attribute functions as it should.

As it includes a GPS module, you can monitor the drone over the program and hover correctly; this permits you to shoot better quality videos and images. It is not a heavy drone, and I’d advise anyone who’s a beginner to never fly in any windy conditions; entire, it is an enjoyable drone.

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The Holy Stone HS100 is one of the most experienced planes in this price range. The Holy Stone HS100 is a wonderful combination of the combinations of age, quality and performance. That’s why it has become one of the most popular drones on the market.

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