Holy Stone F181 Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Holy Stone F181 Review

Holy Stone is a drone manufacturing company from China. It’s a pretty good drone lineup for an affordable price point. Typical of the Holy Stone is the Holy Stone F181 series, which is a drone that has a special appeal to photographers, read our Holy Stone F181 review article below to see why.

Holy Stone F181 Review

What Do We Like?

One of the features I liked the many on the F181 is that the FPV live video transmission. This helps to ensure that the camera transmits live video footage into your smartphone through WiFi. However, you will first have to download the Holy Stone program before linking it to your control via the WiFi settings.

I also enjoy the drone has ready to fly directly from the box. It only takes a few final touches, such as adding the battery, attaching the camera, propeller, etc., and it’ll be all set.

All in all, the quadcopter includes a user-friendly interface, making it the perfect selection for beginners. Everything from unpacking to the flying and controls makes for an extremely short learning curve.

The camera can also be adequate for a device in its price range and provides enough features to catch memorable memories with your nearest and dearest. Along with the return-to-home purpose is a first in regards to drones in its class.

Holy Stone F181 Review In 2021

What Don’t We Like?

Flying the quadcopter in powerful winds proved to be a tragedy. The tiny frame of this system means it can’t stand its ground in the face of such winds, and controlling it in this type of environment is a daunting job.

The minimal resolution of the 2MP camera ends in underwhelming stills and rickety videos that can not be used professionally. But again, you need to consider this can be a low-cost drone.

The flight period can be comparatively low, and the battery requires a long time to control completely. This may prematurely interrupt the fun you’re having with friends and family during playtime.


  • Simple to operate
  • Multiple security features
  • Fantastic cost
  • Live video transmission
  • LED night lights
  • Intuitive controls


  • Unstable in strong winds
  • Extended charging period

1. Packaging

The F181 drone has been packed at a Ready-To-Fly state. Therefore, it can take off from this box. Nonetheless, the device includes a series of additional components such as:

  • A 2.4G distant transmitter
  • Two USB charging cables
  • Two drone batteries of 3.7V 750mAh
  • 2 landing slides
  • 4 rotating blades/propellers
  • 4 protecting frames
  • A screwdriver
  • The user guide

Although the F181 is among the best-welded drones, the Holy Stone Company nevertheless ferries it using an extra screwdriver. Thus, you might not need to use it instantly.

Nonetheless, it will unquestionably be of much help in the event the drone becomes damaged following a crash (that is quite common) or simply if you wish to be sure all screws are well-tightened.

Additionally, both the propellers and the protecting framework appear to be made from the same plastic kind, so both are prone to be broken. But, it’s highly advisable always to maintain the protecting frames intact to protect the blades.

Being an RTF version, essentially nothing much is demanded apart from simply charging the drone’s battery and plugging it in the battery life (put on the drone’s cover). Next, you may either opt to throw the drone into the atmosphere or press on the takeoff/land button in the center of the transmitter.

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2. Design & Durability

The F181 layout is relatively standard for a quad. But it will come with an exceptional characteristic: a curvature on top which helps it cut air better. Additionally, it’s equipped with a flashlight in the drone’s front, making it relatively simple to use at nighttime.

The material employed for your entire body frame is a durable plastic that makes it very resistant to moderate crashes. An average of only 3 in 10 users had problems with its durability because of crashing. Additionally, the drone’s spare areas are constantly easily and readily available on the internet only if your drone will experience a collapse of its hardware.

As mentioned previously, this drone will come briefly because it can not govern its heat system. Therefore, if you would like it to withstand long, you’ll need to be patient involving flights and await things to cool down.

Together with the heat regulation, it would help if you always stayed away from using this particular drone in windy weather conditions as it isn’t well-suited to withstand strong winds.

3. Camera

The Holy Stone F181 comes fully fitted with a 2MP camera that can record videos and take snaps of 720p resolution (1280 X 720 images and movies at 30 frames). These could be kept in the default 2GB SD card, including the drone or another attached flash disc in the drone’s USB drive.

Though the standard of the camera is somewhat moderately, it doesn’t qualify for professional photography. In any case, the drone nevertheless has the standard shakiness when recording movies, so it is not relatively stable regardless of the 6-axis gyro. Therefore, the sole use of your camera would be for pleasure.

holy stone f181 Battery And Fight Time

4. Battery And Fight Time

This quadcopter takes approximately 80 minutes to fully control and sparks within 7-10 minutes once in constant use. Now that’s unsatisfying. Fortunately, that the Holy Stone Company provides two batteries for each drone; therefore, you can control both batteries and use them one after another to decrease the long waiting period of charging.

One important battery information is that you need to continuously drain the battery completely before recharging it to boost its lifespan.

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5. Controller

The F181 employs an altered manual controller, which looks like a regular PlayStation pad using an extra LCD attached to the front to provide explicit pictures in the drone. It’s outfitted with switches and joy-stick-like controls that will allow you to restrain the drone’s stability, agility, and sensitivity and to assist you to switch off or on the drone’s camera and lights.

The LCD screen will inspect the drone’s sensitivity levels, documenting status and signal quality on the flip side.

Due to the transmitter’s simplicity of usage, there are several motions you can play the drone. You may take a peek at the usual controls in this movie.

The drone can also do rotations, spins, and several different drills, which will thrill you.

To take a peek at a few of the favorite drills you may play the drone, watch over.

6. Flight Performace

Using quadcopters with manual controls, you will indeed find this drone quite simple to comprehend. On the other hand, the situation could be different for an entire beginner. Though the control does seem simple, it’s excellent controls which may prove a struggle to learn from the start. Nonetheless, with constant use, the piloting capability may be perfected readily.

The F181 is a secure drone. Together with the added increase of this 6-axis headless gyro system, this drone has fantastic stability in the atmosphere and may have the ability to perform the majority of the popular drills such as 360-degree rotations, complete aerial spins, and lots of other similar stunts.

It can produce complete flips in almost any direction, but it’s pretty slow when performing these exercises. Additionally, those stunts have a potent influence on the equilibrium of the drone’s video footage.

The Holy Stone F181 gets the following main flight specifications:

  • Flight management range: Between 50m and 100m
  • Flight period: between 7 and 9 minutes
  • Maximum flight speed: 10mph

7. Value For Money & Guarantee

The F181 costs anything between $90 and $120 from the present online sales. Though it genuinely isn’t an inexpensive drone, it is not too pricey when considering its features and capabilities. Therefore, it’s appropriate to purchase it whenever you’re working on tight budgets.

The drone doesn’t have a guarantee from the producer. Nevertheless, most sellers will always assure you to substitute the drone if it comes incomplete, damaged, or broken. This condition is just based on the first arrangement you make with the vendor.

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8. Unique Features

The F181 has both of these primary distinctive and unique features:

  • It’s four angle spinning rates: that drone is connected with an exceptional quality of varying its rate of rotation in four different rates of 40, 60, 80, and 100 mph.
  • The Headless Security System: This feature facilitates the pilot’s role in controlling the drone since it simplifies its landing. This makes sure that the drone doesn’t become lost if it wanders away from your standard control space.


This is a great drone for beginners. Flight time, performance, and range are on average, which can be met as baseline demand. The image quality is not very good, but it is affordable, helping you optimize the cost of the first experience when driving a drone.

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