Heli Max Form 500 Review: Top Full Guide 2022

Heli Max Form 500 Review

The Heli Max Form 500 is a drone that isn’t as popular in the market as DJI, Parrot, Blade … but also an interesting drone if you’re looking for a Heli Max Form 500 review. This review will definitely provide useful information that you cannot disappoint.

Heli Max Form 500 Review


  • A potent system with great lifting capacity and Endurance
  • Usage of bodily orientation signs (front legs) is a Fantastic choice to LEDs (reduces complexity)
  • Aircraft is exceptionally user friendly
  • Unbelievably quiet in flight, despite dimensions


  • No camera, global, or applications included; FPV installation requires the purchase and setup of an aftermarket system.
  • Too sensitive (inside ) and Necessary calibration with every flight (indicate the removal of propellers through calibration); takeoff needed high throttle setting; novice operators will be challenged to function, particularly in conjunction with almost any camera operation
  • Low yaw speed, controllability, and responsiveness provide a challenge if flying at a pattern.
  • Very flimsy Principal body cover constructed of plastic and battery connector Ought to Be reinforced to keep long-term durability.
  • Generic hobby-grade controller lacked tags making complex surgery difficult (mission appeared random and non-intuitive)
  • Battery positioning can be imprecise, inducing CG problem (should contain a physical prevent or indicate )
  • Documentation has been minimal, inducing additional systems; control and aircraft data are presented in two different files.
  • Maximum Speed Wasn’t printed, but a rate of 26.07 was recorded in analyzing.
  • The communication Range is not printed, but the default geofence is put to a range of 820.21 feet.

Heli Max Form 500 Review - Introduction

1. Introduction

The Helimax Form 500 is categorized by Helimax as a Utility Drone. It’s attachment mounting rails to permit for attachment of an assortment of accessories available to your imagination.

It includes a camera holder, which permits a Go-Pro camera to be connected and transported aloft. Still, I will also use my DroneView camera out of Hobbico to shoot video, stills and watch FPV on my tablet (tablet and camera isn’t included.

Form 500 is designed with additional lift power made in so we amateurs can equip just about any helicopter accessory and fly with total capacities. (Yes, it may haul canned drinks per inspection testing.) . It’s also an enjoyable copter for Beginners to specialists to fly day or night.

Form 500 is equipped with GPS and altitude grip and Headless Mode to maintain flight management exactly like stick input. These make it effortless for the new pilot to assist with shooting videos or pictures for many pilots. It has Return Home to help everybody keep their Type 500 if they get disoriented while flying their experience visibility problems.

The glowing LEDs with blue facing and red in the rear assist with orientation night and day and make nighttime flying particularly pleasurable.

The orange balls onto the front two legs are a fantastic help with an orientation in the daytime once I fly out her a long way from me. Whether flying her to get pleasure or to do some camera work, I’ve loved my time flying the Form 500 with this review.

As new things for aerial usage keep coming out, it’s lovely to know that she’s the lifting capacity to manage over the extra two pounds and may fly for fifteen minutes. The added 5000mAh battery, which employs a Star charger and charger with Dean connectors, may also be used. They have an optional 3-cell 8000mAh readily available for her if more flight period is necessary.

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2. Promoted Features

Featured Items:

  • Tactic TTX810TS transmitter
  • Length: Vinyl construction with camera bracket (cameras not included)
  • Flight Assistance/Safety Features: Intelligent Orientation Control, Return-to-Home, Altitude Hold, GPS Lock, Low Voltage Return to House and Auto-Landing
  • Headless Mode: Enables pilots to fly Without Needing to orient the drone; whichever way the Ideal rod is transferred is the way the FORM 500 will proceed
  • Radio: 8-channel Tactic TTX810TS using SLT (Secure Link Technology) digital cut for every station, wired and wireless coachwork compatible with Tactic brand transmitters just
  • Motors: 2 clockwise two and rotating counterclockwise rotating 800Kv brushless motors
  • Lifting Capacity: 2.2lbs (1kg)
  • Landing Gear: Plastic and aluminum with orange vinyl balls to Help invisibility
  • Battery3S 5000mAh LiPo using Star plug, arrange DTXC1867 in case a spare battery is required.
  • Battery Charger: Duratrax AC powered Li-24 balancing charger
  • Propellers: 2 12×4.5″ clockwise rotating shaft, and 2 12×4.5″ counter-clockwise rotating self-tightening, plastic construction, black in color, secures to the motor rotating with 5mm self-tightening nuts
  • Body: Plastic construction, trimmed and published
  • Warranty: Helimax guarantees this kit to be free of defects in both material and artistry at the purchase date. This guarantee doesn’t cover any parts damaged by use or modification.
  • 1-year limited warranty on the transmitter


  • Forward/backward flight
  • Idle Trim / Stop
  • LEDs
  • Turns left/right
  • Climbs/descends
  • 360 degrees spin
  • Headless mode to maintain flight management Just like stick input
  • Built-in flight support and security features such as:
  • Intelligent orientation controller
  • Return to home
  • Altitude hold
  • GPS lock
  • Low voltage yield to home/auto property

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Heli Max Form 500 Review - Flight Control Modes

3. Flight Control Modes

  • Intelligent Orientation Control

Even a “headless mode” that allows pilots to fly Without Needing to orient the drone whichever way the Ideal rod is transferred is how the FORM500 will proceed.

  • Return-to Home

The “house point” is put into the GPS coordinates in which the FORM500 was removed initially. Return-to-Home permits you to attract the quadcopter straight back to the place using autopilot, excellent for beginners who fear losing control of this aircraft.

For even more reassurance, the flight control may be programmed to return house mechanically if the battery falls below a Vital level.

  • Auto-Landing

Exotic lands the FORM500 and forces it down. This attribute May Be Used along with Return-to-Home for a complete autopilot failsafe.

  • Altitude Hold

Locks the FORM500 at predetermined elevation while other controllers function normally

  • GPS Lock

Enables a stationary hover. GPS is used to compensate for almost any end drift for more exact positioning than is possible otherwise.

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Heli Max Form 500 Review - Radio Control System

4. Radio Control System

  • Tactic TTX810TS Transmitter Included

This 8-channel transmitter (radio control ) features frequency-skipping SLT technologies to ensure a trusted signal even when confronted with interference. The TTX810TS forces from four AA batteries, which can be found individually

5. Camera-Ready

  • Accessory Mounting Rails

Rails allow one to attach the camera bracket or third-party accessories. With a payload capacity of 2.2 Pounds, the FORM500 is no slouch.

  • Camera Mount

A bracket is acceptable for a GoPro HERO or alternative actions camera using a similar human design.

6. Airframe Design

  • Folding Wings

A single screw Permits You to fold the prop arms to get a more streamlined profile that is easier to transfer and store

7. Additional Features

Orange plastic chunks on landing equipment to aid invisibility

5000 mAh LiPo flight batteries and AC charger included.

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Handling, stability, and adaptability are all things you need to remember in this drone. The accessory hanger makes it possible to attach a variety of accessories – a feature that is far from other drones.

If you have any questions about Heli Max Form 500, please tell us, I will answer for you.

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