Gopro Karma vs DJI Phantom 4 – Drone Comparison: Tips New 2021

Gopro Karma vs DJI Phantom 4 - Drone Comparison

Unmanned aircraft technology is developing day by day. GoPro is also not ignoring this market. They are developing drone technology to cater to the market and GoPro cameras as before; Karma is their drone. This jump is aimed at competing with the big man in the drone field, DJI.

Below, Staaker will give you the most comprehensive view of these 2 models. More specifically, compare GoPro karma vs DJI phantom 4. Let’s explore together.

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom series drones have been in existence for decades, and people adore them. They look fantastic. They are simple to fly and provide stunning images. Phantom 4, since the title suggests, is the fourth inside’s lineup.

Compared to Karma, Phantom 4 is somewhat more costly and smaller, but not much, but apparent. Karma includes its carry case, which may be utilized as a backpack. However, Phantom 4 owners will need to cough up about 200 USD to get a backpack.

The picture of DJI Phantom 4 is obvious and crisp and provides magnificent 4k videos. However, the drawback is that the camera has been adjusted into the drone, which means you can’t use it upside down. It’s assembled to the heavens, and it does a damn good job in it.

Phantom has many flight manners and obstacle avoidance systems, confusing for a beginner; however, it leaves more choices and freedom to the user.

It’s also important to be aware that to restrain the drone, you want to attach your tablet computer or tablet computer to the distance to view live footage in the drone. Karma has addressed this problem with a built-in display in the remote control.

Clocking top rates at 45 mph that the Phantom drone is a monster that’s still the favorite toy for seasoned users.

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GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma

This is the first effort in the activity camera company to go into the fast-growing drone marketplace, and it’s safe to say they passed with flying colors!

GoPro Karma is more affordable than Phantom 4, and also you’ll be able to purchase it using all the GoPro camera bundled together with it as a standalone drone.

This is one of the chief differences we enjoy about Karma. You can choose the camera away from the drone and catch your footage away. What’s more impressive is that it is possible to detach the camera together with the gimbal, which means it’s possible to capture superb smooth footage onto the floor in addition to in the atmosphere.

Another advantage Karma has over its several competitions is its cushioned design. You can fold it up effortlessly, pack it up from the Karma situation, and you’re off. The simplicity of use is one of the critical features GoPro desired to handle with Karma, and they triumphed.

The clam-shaped controller features a built-in display, which means you don’t need to attach your telephone to it. This is reasonable for many people, but if you split the display, you probably should purchase a new control, and we bet that it isn’t affordable.

The design itself seems clean and easy to use, and its foldable design makes it suitable to continue without worrying too much about breaking it.

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GoPro Karma vs DJI Phantom 4

GoPro Karma vs DJI Phantom 4


Allow me to just kind of go through what GoPro announced, that what is new about the GoPro Karma is contrasted to what is on the market nowadays.

To start with, their price point for your GoPro Karma with no camera is 799 bucks, which can be significantly more affordable than what it cost to purchase a DJI Phantom 4. However, the DJI Phantom 3 available on the current market can be obtained for less than that.

The differences between DJI Phantom 3 versus a GoPro Karma, the Phantom 3 includes its built-in camera, a very substantial-excellent camera.

To acquire the GoPro Karma using a brand new GoPro Hero5 camera, it is likely to charge you twenty-five hundred dollars, which in essence, puts it reasonably close on par with everything the DJI Phantom 4 sells. At the moment, the DJI Phantom 4 could be had for approximately more than ten hundred bucks.


What GoPro is touting with a new GoPro Karma its form element. It’s slender, meaning it has quite a low profile. If folding the arms, then retract to fit right into a backpack and has a removable stabilizer. The gimbal is precisely what they call the stabilizer that also goes to a handgrip, known as the Karma grip.

This isn’t unlike what DJI has done in their top-of-the-line flagship drones, the Inspire 1. Inspire one also includes a removable gimbal that goes to a handheld mount; however, that’s at a higher price point.

What GoPro is additionally doing is that they’re like a backpack. A backpack, slimming profile matches everything which accompanies the GoPro within it for transportation. The clasp, the drone itself, that the control along with the stabilizer.

The way GoPro is selling this is they’re selling is a comprehensive system. It is not merely a drone that takes aerial photography. It’s a method that you shoot your GoPro and gets whatever sort of shots which you want, whether be handheld mounted or airborne.

The GoPro Karma grip permits you to shoot all your existing GoPro mounts, level the Karma grip on it, which means you could finally have the stabilizer on your Karma grip mounted onto a bicycle handlebar outside your car or truck. O

n the backpack that accompanies a GoPro Karma, that large ecosystem GoPro mounts will help sell the GoPro Karma, particularly to expire hard GoPro fans.


Even though GoPro is also stating, this drone is straightforward to fly. As one button takes off, which at this point, every drone from the marketplace does. As a characteristic, GoPro calling shot courses is essentially for automatic manners that allow a user to fly the drone to acquire a particular shot.

One of these is orbit. Orbit allows you to fly up the drone in the atmosphere, click on a button, place the radius of this orbit, set the middle of the orbit, and possess the drone fly in a circular movement around it, still retaining the camera pointed into the center.

Drones have a second mode known as the droney, which in case you don’t understand what a droney is, allows you to place up the drone, facing you, for selfie shot, and possess the drone fly backward up and down, revealing the location.

Third motors show it’s just like a Hollywood shot at which the camera will originally pan down as it goes ahead, slowly pans up showing what’s in the front of the camera.

And, the next one is known as cable camp. It is a movie industry term in which cameras are mounted on the cable, so it might be adjusted to slip back and forth and distance, whereas in this instance, it’s using their GPS coordinates.


I enjoy the Phantom 4 that the Karma’s controller is much similar to the game control. It has a built-in LCD screen that folds up, and as soon as it’s in the downward position, it covers the gamepad. It does not have any observable antennas, which causes me to wonder one thing concerning its range, and it is not something we discussed.

If you do not have a GoPro Hero4, you won’t need to purchase a new GoPro to produce this work since the GoPro Karma can be used with all the Hero 4 and that the newly-announced Hero5.

The GoPro Karma doesn’t demand a smartphone to utilize your FPV screen with the built-in LCD screen. So these are the things that they are touting as special features.

But it is what they don’t state that makes me wonder just what this item is capable of. Number 1, they do not say much about the range of all the GoPro Karma. From what I could tell on their site and their technical specs, it has roughly a 1-kilometer range, which is pretty decent.

Most likely, you are not likely to fly farther than 1 km from you, particularly if you’re in the united states, where you are required to maintain your drones within line of sight. So, typically if you are flying further than that, you are not likely to have the ability to see it.

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Secondly, I do not understand what battery life is among those shots in their promotional movies, showing an 18-minute battery lifetime. I am also not sure if we will have 18 minutes or if that’s only 18 minutes of hovering and non-aggressive flying.

However, Karma does not possess other products, such as the DJI Phantom 4. The DJI ghost 4 has other detectors, aside from the conventional ones, such as the accelerometer and compass the GPS.

Gimbal and other specs

The DJI Phantom 4 additionally has optical detectors pointing down and optical detectors pointing forwards in addition to sonar sensors pointing down. What that allows you to do, is allow you to fly inside when there isn’t a GPS signal.

From what I will tell, the GoPro Karma is likely to be in a position to fly outdoors when it’s a GPS sensor. It is going to fly inside also probably, it just won’t fly almost a secure, and you are more likely to crash into walls and things.

With the GPS module around the GoPro Karma, they do not say whether it supports GLONASS, the European norm. The DJI Phantom 4 supports the US GPS benchmark in addition to the European GLONASS regular, meaning that you are likely to be able to fly more faithfully globally.

Having a global stabilizer mounted on that the drones’ front will be great as one of my main gripes with the DJI Phantoms. When I’m flying forward at a tremendous rate, the drone has been tilted forward.

Together with it tilted forward so much, a great deal of those times you’re capable of seeing that the propeller spinning, at the corner of the shot, that’s not very pleasant to me personally. You are not likely to have the same problem with the GoPro Karma.

GoPro Karma gets got the gimbal mounted in the front, virtually eliminating all possibilities you will observe the propellers when you are flying. On the other hand, though, that makes me wonder about wreck durability.

I have crashed my DJI Phantom two a few occasions, and also, for the most part, it survived; it has got some scrapes. When the gimbal, among the equilibrium and need to have it replaced, but for the most part by GoPro, at the DJI Phantom 4 escaped unscathed, following each of the crashes.

Together with the gimbal on the GoPro mounted at the front and mainly protruding so far from the rest of your system with no protection at all, now wonder durable the GoPro will probably be in the event of an accident.

There is no data yet since nobody has among these GoPro Karma. They don’t release before the next week of October, but from all I can see, it’s probably that this item will not be quite as lasting in a wreck since the DJI Phantom series.

GoPro isn’t selling this to the professional marketplace. In reality, the professional marketplace needs more flexibility than that which the GoPro camera angles may provide. If you’d like the aerial photography drones for the individual film, you’re probably not going to need your footage to get that touch GoPro fisheye look.

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GoPro Karma looks just like a simpler, simple-to-use, and flexible drone for a beginner and also a pro. The design and the removable camera give it a definite edge over the Phantom 4.

The more nominal cost and the fact that Karma includes its carry bag make it the best competitor and the most gift for any drone fan this season.

GoPro Karma vs DJI Phantom 4 – Choose GoPro Karma

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