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What is Staaker Follow Me Drone?

Staaker´s main purpose is to be a fully autonomous drone for filming. Staaker uses a small tracker that you wear, which automatically tells the drone where you are, and what you are doing. So once you put on the tracker and turn the Staaker drone on, it will follow and record your every move, without any additional input from you. No need to carry bulky remote controllers around. No need to select objects to follow on the screen. No need to update your home point — just turn on Staaker and the tracker, and go.

Using artificial intelligence Staaker also knows what you are going to do next. Staaker will then decide the best angles to film you from, to give you the high quality cinematic footage you deserve. The Staaker self flying drone allows you to tell your stories the way they are meant to be told – with you at the center of attention.


– What kind of warranty do you provide?

We provide a one-year limited warranty. Please see our Terms and Services. All warranty information can be found under “Warranties and Returns”.

– Does the price include tax, VAT or other duties?

Sales tax in Norway is included. For international buyers, you are responsible for any taxes, VAT, tariff, duty, handling fees, brokerage charges, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods.


– Does Staaker have obstacle avoidance?
After a lot of testing we have found that many outdoor activities do not need obstacle avoidance. The ones that do requires more than current obstacle avoidance technology provides. Crashing can be easily avoided. But there are no guarantees that your Staaker will not hit anything while it is following you.

If your Staaker is about to hit something you can press the direction buttons  to move over or around an obstacle. Or just press the pause button on the tracker and the Staaker will immediately stop moving, but continue to film you.

– Does a Staaker really fit in a backpack?

Yes, we designed the Staaker to be compact and portable. It only weighs 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs (including battery) and each extra battery weighs 550 grams / 1.2 lbs.

– How waterproof is the Staaker and the tracker?

The Staaker is water resistant and can fly when it’s raining. However you can not submerge it in water. The tracker has can be submerged in up to 5m of water. Perfect for surfing!

– Can I use a Staaker near or above water?

As long as the Staaker doesn’t land in the water it will be fine. The tracker is waterproof (remember the USB cover). If used in salt water the tracker should be rinsed in fresh water to prevent corrosion.

– How likely are the propellers to break?

Our propellers are designed for endurance, safety and durability. The propellers tend to bend but not break. And to be sure we provide you with one extra pair of propellers. You can always buy additional propellers from our website.

– Can I replace the Staaker’s propellers myself?

Yes, it is very easy and requires no tools.


– How do I know when the Staaker is ready to fly?

The screen on the tracker will give you all the information you need.

– How does the Staaker track me?

The Staaker tracks the tracker device and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to figure out what you are doing and what you are going to do next. You have to wear the tracking device for the Staaker to follow you.

– How fast can the Staaker fly?

Max speed: 50 mph – 80 kph.

– How close/far can the Staaker fly from me?

Min distance from user: 2 m (7 ft).
Max distance from user: 50 m (165 ft).
In Scenery mode the drone doesn’t have these constraints.

– How low/high can the Staaker fly above me?

Min altitude: 2 m (7 ft) above tracker.
Max altitude: 50 m (165 ft).
In Scenery mode your Staaker doesn’t have these constraints.

– Can the Staaker track other people too?

Yes, just give them the tracker.

– Can Staaker track multiple people at the same time?

Not yet, but in the future we might add it as a feature.

– Can I have multiple Staakers tracking me?

Not yet, but in the future we might add it as a feature.

– How do I connect the tracker to my Staaker?

It comes pre-paired from the factory. But you can also do it from the menu on the tracker. Its very easy and takes less than 1 min.  After that the tracker and Staaker will connect automatically.


– What wind speeds does the Staaker operate in?

We have tested that the Staaker functions in winds above 50 kmh (30 mph), however we do not advice to operate the Staaker in winds above 30 kph (20 mph) for achieving optimal tracking performance.

– How do I set up the Staaker?

No setup required! Just turn on your Staaker and tracker. Press “Play” on the tracker and the Staaker will take off and is ready to film. You can easily change position and follow-mode directly on the tracker.

– Do I need to assemble anything when setting up my Staaker?

No. It works right out of the box. All you have to do is charge the battery for the Staaker and the tracker for 1 hour. And then the Staaker is ready for all of your adventures.

– How much time does it take to recharge the batteries?

1 hour for a full-charge for the Staaker Battery
2 hours to fully charge the Tracker via USB

– How can I check the Staaker’s battery level?

There are LEDs on the back of the battery and the tracker will also show how much battery is remaining.

– How can I check the tracker’s battery level?

On the screen of the tracker.

– What happens if my Staaker loses track of me?

Your Staaker will hover in place and try to recover the signal from the tracker. As soon as signal is recovered, the tracker screen will prompt you to press the Play button to resume the current follow mode. If signal is not recovered before the battery runs low, the drone will land at its current location (or fly back to takeoff location in case of water sports). You can easily find the Staaker using the “Locate Staaker” function on the tracker.

– What happens if my Staaker runs out of power when it is in the air?

The tracker will alert you with sounds and show it on the screen when the battery is running low. If you don’t land it, the Staaker will smoothly land itself before it runs out of battery (either where it is or where it took off from depending on the settings you chose). You can easily find the Staaker using the “Locate Staaker” function on the tracker.


– Where can I use my Staaker?

Anywhere outdoors as long as you are respecting all the local laws and regulations.

– Is the Staaker safe to use around people?

Absolutely, the Staaker always flies above head level so that you and everyone around are safe. But you should never approach the spinning propellers and stand clear during takeoff and landing.


– Who is manufacturing the drone?

We take the quality of our product really serious. It´s all about losing risk by focusing on geographical closeness, common language, similar mindset and using the best equipment. so, then we decided to produce Staaker in Scandinavia. We can guarantee that the product is of the highest quality and that our manufacturing partner helps us ensure that. We do not increase the profit from bringing the manufacturing home, but we earn your satisfaction when you receive a perfect manufactured and assembled product.