Eachine Ev800 Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Eachine Ev800 Review

Are you looking for FPV glasses for beginners? There are gifts of many choices that you are wondering? If so, read the following article, we will recommend a product right for you – Eachine Ev800 Review.

Eachine is a brand that produces high-quality, affordable flying drones. They created an FPV headset that costs under $ 100 but is extremely good quality – Eachine Ev800. Let’s see more details about this VR.

Eachine Ev800 Review


  • Made to last Quite a Long Time
  • The adjustable head strap makes them great for people of all sizes
  • At a full Cost of the battery lasts long
  • Clear lens with no distortion at all
  • Finds the camera quickly
  • Requires small installation so you can virtually use it from the box
  • Fantastic display size at 5 In.


  • The battery Isn’t removable
  • The recipient may be better, as a few People Today report indicate reduction out a certain range

eachine ev800 review - Unboxing

1. Unboxing

The box Includes EV800D (A 5.8Ghz 40CH incorporated diversity receiver with DVR) and accompanying:

  • Cloverleaf antenna
  • Panel antenna
  • Battery charger
  • User guide
  • Carrying bag for your goggle
  • 3S into DC power cable
  • Wall adapter
  • DC video input

Eachine really hit the home run on this goggle. The goggles have fairly cool features which are generally found in high-end versions; such as a diversity receiver and a DVR. The specs are as follows:

  • 5 In. 800X480 crisp LCD panels
  • The display brightness of 600cd/m2
  • Display ratio of 16:9 and 4:3
  • 3x magnifying Fresnel lens
  • Constructed in 1200mah 7.4V battery
  • 5.8Ghz 40CH diversity receiver using race ring
  • HD DVR recording up to 720×576 pixel resolution using a course C10 micro SD card
  • Relatively lightweight in 362g without cables
  • 3-way adjustable head strap to get a very comfortable fit

2. Features & Technical Details

The measurements of these goggles are 180mm by 145mm by 82mm. Now, this can be neither too large nor too little. It’s also accompanied by a large angle of view at 82 degrees, which provides you a great FPV perspective of your drone when it’s flying fast. It’s produced out of durable vinyl with a great matte finish. It seems excellent and rather powerful on your hands.

The very first thing which you will enjoy about the EACHINE EV800 is they are ergonomically designed in this manner. They shake your face smoothly and well.

With those goggles, you’ll never feel the exhaustion that most people encounter in the facial muscles, along with other goggles that are heavier. In 375 grams, this is a good weight, mainly as it involves the battery life weight.

These goggles utilize a built-in 2000mAh battery that could last all three and a half hours of usage. That isn’t all, since you may back up this with the usage of a 2S or 3S battery. The charging period isn’t too bad. Despite the battery, the weight is very manageable.

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There’s an adjustable buckle, really a three-way adjustable one. This helps to ensure that you receive the size of your face using this buckle. Blend the goggles properly, so they don’t slide off your face.

You may adore the lens that’s 92% transparent. That’s what allows you to acquire a clear perspective with no distortion along the borders. You may delight in a clear and unobstructed view all of the time.

The EACHINE EV800 is detachable into two components. Consequently, you may detach the LCD from the part you wear in your mind. You may then mount the display on a camera tripod and receive your FPV experience like that.

The LCD is 5 inches and has a resolution of 800 by 480, which can be very excellent to provide you with an exhilarating encounter with your racing drone. The movie seems quite fair, but please be aware these FPV goggles aren’t compatible with drones. Therefore, you can do a little research before purchasing it.

Using a 5.8GHa 40ch receiver using RaceBand, there’s a lot to anticipate. By way of instance, you can anticipate a powerful automatic-search and excellent signal strength. But note that some users state that the sign can begin breaking after flying outside 75 meters, but maybe this is contingent upon the drone.

3. The fit around the face

Even though the goggle appears to be comfy, wearing on the surface, light has been leaking out of the nose and around the goggles’ sides. Just a tiny foam to block the leakage out from the nose could have been fine.

Another fantastic thing is that the removable face foam. Over the years, after constant use, the foam tends to acquire smelly with sweat, and it is great to get some replacement foam.

4. Build quality & Layout and relaxation

The substance where the goggles are created feels fine in the palms but smells like vinyl. The head straps are elastic and appear to perform a pretty great job of carrying the goggles in place, but they’re inadequate.

After a couple of minutes, they appear to sag with the weight of these goggles. Should you wear spectacles, then you are going to feel some discomfort after some time. When the EV800D, using a fixed focal length of the Fresnel lens, comes with a slight drawback.

Although not everyone is gifted with perfect eyesight, folks wearing spectacles might discover that the video not that gratifying.

The buttons to the OSD and the menu display are put in the front of these goggles. You’re able to reach out to the buttons using the goggles on your face.

Additionally, the buttons require some practice to get utilized to function while attempting to utilize with the goggles on. But it is going to come by training and constant use.

Another point to note is your cheap battery charger that includes the goggles.

If you intend to use your notebook charger, you’ll be disappointed to know that the goggles utilize 2.5millimeter connectors rather than the 3.5millimeter connectors. This is a letdown in the component of Eachine and the bizarre not to include the conventional connectors.

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eachine ev800 review - Diversity Receiver

5. Diversity Receiver

Diversity essentially suggests there are just two virtual recipients working together. The video switching that’s shown on display is automatically done by the recipient, depending on their recipients’ signal power.

The receiver, together with the greater signal power, becomes displayed. The receiver’s grade discovered on this goggle isn’t top quality, but it will get the work done.

In comparison with my Quantum diversity that the movie’s remarkable difference was quite noticeable.

Also, the stock antennas contained are relatively plentiful. Although you can not complain at this price point, it’s still a drawback with this goggle.

Eachine also contained an Auto scan feature to produce the life span of their FPV pilots simpler. It automatically scans all of the 40 stations and locks on the signal with the most potent power. This removes the need to scroll through each station manually.

Earlier, the goggle detaches, serving two functions – like a goggle and another as a ground station. The ground station’s neat thing is that you may mount it on a tripod stand using a 6mm hole around the base of the goggle and allow others to give a few actions of FPV.

You might even begin off to FPV by lifting on a tripod stand. You may find a sense of this orientation of this drone and begin with the true FPV afterward. The screen is bright enough to be visible outside. Therefore it should do fine when mounted onto a tripod.

6. DVR – Recording Made Easy

This is the point where the EV800D stands out from the rest of the audience. DVR stands for digital video recording. This neat feature lets you capture everything the goggles screens on the monitor.

Though outside DVR recorders can be found, they include a couple of milliseconds of latency,

The DVR feature removes the requirement for an HD recording apparatus to the drone itself, thus reducing their drone’s burden. Additionally, it will help recover a drone if one is missing by looking at the DVR footage.

Even though it records video becoming displayed on display, also, it records the reduction of footage (called static). The recorded video can also be of lesser quality than a standalone HD recorder found on the quad.

7. LCD Display – Image Quality

The 5-inch screen is bright and crisp. The OSD display can help to correct the brightness and additional parameters. Extended pressing on the SRC menu button on the goggles opens up the menu screen where you can adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and the aspect ratio.

The Fresnel lens that has a 3X magnification variable gives the picture a more immersive feel. I recall my first time wearing an FPV goggle. I was disoriented and lost my equilibrium, waving my hands, hoping to get to the thing LOL.

The battery does not last long, as maintained by Eachine. The company claims to receive a two-hour battery life. It’s more like an hour plus fifteen minutes.

The battery is 1.2Ahdown in the 2Ah in the former generation. Perhaps it had been in an attempt to decrease the weight of this goggle as far as you can.

So I would recommend charging the battery more frequently, based on how much you fly.

The goggle also includes a video input on the side. If you aren’t pleased with the movie quality from the receiver, you could always use an outside receiver. Many outside diversity receivers can be found which offer excellent video quality.

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Who Should Purchase the Eachine Ev800?

The EACHINE EV800 FPV Goggles is created for anybody who enjoys having a fantastic FPV experience using a racing drone. It’s perfect for adults and kids, advanced users in addition to beginner users. Nevertheless, figure out if it’s compatible with your drone before purchasing it so you don’t purchase something you won’t use.


If you are looking for a set of FPV glasses for beginners, this is the product designed for you. Easy to set up, easy to use, suitable for long periods, the diversity receiver, and the DVR feature are the spots you can’t miss. You will have an excellent FPV experience.

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