Why Is My Drone Battery Not Charging? Tips New 2022

Why Is My Drone Battery Not Charging

Why Is My Drone Battery Not Charging? Drone batteries are extremely advanced technologies. Drone batteries are created from a lithium-ion blend. And due to this, they will need to get far broader maintenance and storage regular than other rechargeable batteries.

The reason drones utilize these batteries is it is the very best mix of lightweight and energy density, precisely what something that must fly up into the atmosphere requirements. Here we could answer the question why’s my drone not charging? And go through each one of the probable reasons which are typical for lithium-ion polymer batteries.

There is a range of explanations for why you are drone may not be charging. Drone batteries are created from a lithium-ion composite that requires special storage and upkeep.

If you’ve enabled your battery to drain to less than 5 percent, it might be permanently damaged. But, several other clever flight features in smart battery systems may be preventing it from charging, such as hibernation mode.

Why Is My Drone Battery Not Charging?

1. Faulty or broken charger

Let us talk about this matter because it is the simplest to troubleshoot. The very first thing we have to assess and see is whether your charger is broken.

There are two ways that you can achieve this. I am using a DJI at the measures below, but the measures should be comparable on most drones:

  • Plug the charger into a wall socket you know is working (be sure that you check.)
  • Connect a battery that’s switched on. The apartment turned onto the battery needs to be flashing red before link.
  • In the event, the battery keeps flashing red afterward red, so the charger is not providing power to the battery.

Another fantastic way to check whether a charger is dead would be using an ion. When there’s absolutely no voltage, then you are working with a dead battery.

However, suppose that your charger passed the evaluation and it is working flawlessly? Well, sadly, so it is a problem with your smartphone life.

dji spark battery not charging fix

2. Damaged or ‘bricked’ battery

A bricked battery only ensures that the battery has become a brick. You may have a digital device worth thousands of dollars, but if it’s bricked, it usually means that it’s as easy as a brick.

What causes a Drone Battery to become Bricked?

The main reason drone batteries become bricked is they may have been saved for a lengthy period, poorly preserved, or are ruined. And the odds are that it’s become deep discharge mode, and also, the cells have dropped their storage capability and can’t be recharged using the standard method.

So, let us jump straight to it.

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Lithium Polymer Battery Fix

To Have the Ability to save your battery, these would be the materials/tools you may need:

  • The bricked LiPo battery.
  • A LiPo equilibrium charger.
  • A NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride Battery) charger.

If you’ve got these tools available, it should be pretty simple for you to recover your drone battery life.

Steps to mend:

  1. Connect the plug of the LiPo battery into the Nickel Metal Hydride Battery charger and get started charging in the lowest possible present. This current is generally 0.1A. If the charger you’ve permits you to pick the voltage it sparks, you ought to decide on a voltage that matches your LiPo battery’s nominal voltage.
  2. After a minute or 2 of charging, your battery needs to recover to approximately 3.3 volts per cellphone. To look at this, only read the entire voltage of your battery, then divide that amount by the number of cells.
  3. After the voltage of this battery is equivalent to approximately 3.3 volts per mobile. It’s possible to transfer it onto the Lithium Polymer balance charger and balance the fee in a 0.5C score. This may take more than charging it in 1C. however, it’s going to be safer.
  4. After the equilibrium charge has finished balancing, you need to possess a functioning entirely recovered Lithium Polymer battery life.

DJI Intelligent Flight Battery Fix:

Here are some things you may need Before You Begin attempting to Fix your own bricked battery:

  • 4 pairs of alligator clips
  • A voltmeter
  • DJI OEM charger
  • Expired credit card

Steps to mend:

  1. Attempt to thoroughly remove the top cover of this drone battery. Employing the older credit card which you simply cut into strips should help you unclip the cover.
  2. Very carefully and disconnect the balancing plug/loom (Lithium Polymer equilibrium plug) into the IC.
  3. Employing the alligator clips, then connect the wires straight to the cells that will side skip the wise circuit.
  4. Charge the drone for approximately 5 minutes as you track the voltmeter.
  5. After the voltmeter includes a reading of over 20.00V you can then reconnect the balancing plugin and recharge the drone according to normal.
  6. Fully control the drone and do a two-cycle at a low level.
  7. State the drone and you should be all set.

If these measures do not help and your drone does not usually charge afterward, you might have to reset the wise circuit. Drone Owners Network includes a step-by-step tutorial revealing pilots how to reset the ingenious circuits inside their drone batteries.

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Don’t forget to be careful when dealing with sensitive substances. Unless you’re confident using the substances above to repair technician, please instead contact DJI service for help or purchase a new battery.

Batteries are a fraction of the price of a brand new drone, and you must always follow safety precautions when dealing with damaged stuff.

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 parrot drone battery not charging

How to Prevent Battery Damage

Drone batteries, such as many other accessories in the drone business, have obtained a lot of improvements in the last few years. Nowadays, drone batteries may provide you with reside updates.

Though there have been many improvements in drone technologies, you still have to be cautious and look after your batteries to utilize your drone to its total capacity.

Here are some ways to prevent Additional battery harm:

  • Discover how to store your batteries properly. We wrote a complete article covering the very best method to shop LiPo batteries.
  • Don’t continue to utilize a battery when it is damaged in any manner. It might be swelling, or it might be leaking. This may be quite dangerous and may lead to a whole lot over the battery simply not charging.
  • Never allow your drone battery to become moist. In case your battery is soaked in certain water, then you need to eliminate it immediately.
  • use the official charter of this drone company to control your drone battery life. Third-party charges haven’t been through precisely the same quantity of testing within an original charger; therefore that it might damage your drone battery.
  • Every drone type has a different temperature; you ought to be charging the battery. You’ll discover this fever in the user guide for your drone. Normally, individuals follow the rule of thumb of charging the drone between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius.
  • After flying the drone, then do not charge it directly away. You must always allow the drone to cool down to about 15 minutes before charging.
  • When charging your drone, you need to always keep your eye on the status bar that shows you just how much the drone has billed. This is significant since you shouldn’t overcharge your drone because this may damage it.
  • If you’re planning to keep your drone off for a brief quantity of time, you need to store it using a battery life of between 60 to 80 percent. And if you’re storing it over 10 times, you need to store it using a battery life of between 40 to 60 percent. This is vital since batteries tend to degrade if left unused for extended periods.

Different Types of Drone Batteries

Due to the enormous advancement in drones through time, drone batteries also have become much superior to that which they had been a couple of decades ago. Based on the drone you have, the way of repairing the drone will be different.

1. Lithium Polymer Batteries

Many drones nowadays, except for your DJI drones, utilize Lithium Polymer(LiPo) batteries that are great due to their lightweight and capacity to store massive amounts of electricity. Still, despite this beautiful upsidedown, there are several drawbacks people have started to learn about.

The Lithium Polymer batteries are both delicate and readily damaged, which may lead to several problems for the pilots of their drone, which uses Lithium Polymer batteries.

2. Intelligent Flight batteries

DJI drones utilize Intelligent Flight Batteries that are only Lithium Polymer batteries. Still, the one difference is that this kind of battery prioritizes security and contains much more technologies to assist with this.

The Intelligent Flight Batteries offer super-long flight times up to 30 minutes in addition to LEDs on the battery, which show the pilot the standing of their rest of the power left in the storm in real-time.

These batteries are still Lithium Polymer batteries. They continue to be vulnerable and have the same problems that standard LiPo-powered drones have.

However, these batteries tend to be safer since they warn you before anything can happen to your battery, which helps prevent harm and aids the pilot to fly safely.

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How To Store Lipo Batteries


So you will find the typical problems which you could locate with drone batteries. Keep in mind that firing batteries are created from a substance that needs special storage and treatment requirements.

Being especially careful with storage, chargers quantity, and storage place, there’s absolutely no reason that your battery counter lasts a lengthy time. A drone should be able to continue about 200 charging cycles before having any difficulties. If you locate your drone is having problems well ahead of that, it might be due to your storage and maintenance.

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