DBPower MJX X400W Review: Top Full Guide 2021

DBPower MJX X400W Review

The DBPower MJX X400W is an excellent drone designed for beginners. This DBPower MJX X400W review will give you all the information you need to know about this drone.

The manufacturer has integrated FPV feature into the product like the Holy Stone X300C, this is considered one of the best drones on the market today.

DBPower MJX X400W Review


  • Compatible with VR cans;
  • It is stable when flying and contains a headless style for flying;
  • Has LED lighting for visibility at nighttime;
  • The battery lasts for a sufficient quantity of time;
  • It’s compatible with iPhone and Android apparatus;
  • Capable of providing real-time video transmissions;
  • As it’s lightweight, you don’t require permission to fly.


  • It doesn’t include a VR headset, which means you’ve got to acquire your own.

DBPower MJX X400W Review - Packaging

1. Packaging

The DBPOWER X400W is frequently packed in an RTF (Ready-To-Fly) state. This implies it doesn’t call for welding whatsoever: it can take flights off the box (if the battery is well charged). Aside from the drone, You Will Discover the following elements in the packaging:

  • The DBPOWER X400W drone
  • A transmitter
  • A battery (3.7V, 750maH)
  • A USB charger
  • Four spare blades
  • A user’s guide

Notice: The TX transmitter needs three AA 1.5V batteries that aren’t contained within the drone’s bundle. Thus, please make a point to purchase them separately. Additionally, among those iconic features of this Hawkeye-VII is your 3D VR headset. This headset combines an innovative kind of glasses that are inserted at a classy acoustic headset.

The glasses could be reclined with the drone to offer you a specific appearance as their drone while on air. That’s a superb feature. However, these cans are not contained in the drone packaging. You’ll need to get them individually from the drone.

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2. Design and Endurance

As stated earlier, this drone layout is equally fancy and very distinctive. The physical anatomy appears like something drawn from a science fiction arena of Star Wars.

The DBPower MJX X400W includes two dual-paned fronts (headless) with a few of those fronts with cutely put LED lights which seem just like two eyes. This dual-sided layout (headless design) allows the drone to browse with agility equally to front and rear directions as it will change mind management.

In any event, the LED lights function as a fantastic bargain when flying in nighttime mode. Additionally, the drone has marginally raised landing equipment, which protects the delicate lower components such as the camera.

The plastic material used for your body appears durable enough to maintain most of the crashes the drone may experience through flights. Additionally, this DBPOWER X400W drone’s prop guards will be in this unique layout that protects the propellers from any crushes.

If you are a beginner, we recommend beginning with indoor clocks since connectivity problems are mainly controlled by the program. Therefore, it’s wise to learn how to utilize the manual TX transmitter controllers flawlessly before shooting the drone for outside flights.

The principal shortcoming that’s very likely to hinder this drone’s strength is that the drone’s lightweight. The DBPOWER X400W weights a shocking 112g only!

Though this burden enables it to maneuver easily in the atmosphere, also, it makes it vulnerable to strong winds (winds exceeding five mph). Additionally, never fly a drone during a rainy season; it’ll be dismissed. Still, the simple fact it isn’t water-resistant means it will get spoilt by water rather readily.

DBPower MJX X400W Review - Camera

3. Camera

Considering that DBPower MJX X400W is much more of a recreational drone, producers did not emphasize the camera quality. Therefore, the drone has a fixed camera using a moderate resolution to make videos at approximately 30 fps. The first conclusion you’ll choose from here is that this drone wasn’t intended for aerial photography.

On the other hand, the camera has been set up to offer you complete FPV expertise and the Virtual Reality opinion with the assistance of the 3D headset. In the end, given the $80 cost of the drone, what would you expect anyway?

One of the drone’s essential strengths is your drone’s stability when working in a serene atmosphere. With the support of this 6-axis gyro, it can shoot amazing videos, which absent the majority of drone videos’ shakiness. Additionally, this drone eliminates the lengthy signal lag that many mini-drones have.

Therefore, it will have quicker sending videos and images, which might help you shoot national events such as birthdays. It is not a good idea to utilize this particular drone in commercial filming/photography.

4. Battery & Flight Time

The DBPOWER X400W quadcopter includes just one 3.7V 750mAh battery, which requires approximately 120 minutes to control fully and drains in between 2 and 9 minutes. If you’re a hobbyist, you understand one battery will not be sufficient for your small bird.

Thus, go right ahead and purchase a minimum of three batteries. This may stretch your flight period from 8 minutes to approximately 25 minutes.

Remember that this flight period could be reduced if you fly the drone at the nighttime mode and apply the FPV controller features since both drains a great deal of power.

To acquire a longer lifespan to your own drone’s battery life, you need always to make sure you release the battery before recharging it, and you may discover more about these strategies and techniques in our informative article about the strategies to expand your drone flight period.

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5. Controller

The effective charge of this Hawkeye-VII combines the TX transmitter’s advantages (using manual controllers ) and program control in piloting the quadcopter. The TX controller provides you easy-to-connect accessibility via the usage manual controls and 2.4Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, it can help you indicate the elevation of the drone in addition to the signal strengths. On the other hand, the program is much more user-friendly and permits you to get the FPV encounter. However, it ought to be noticed that the drone reacts quicker to the transmitter controllers compared to those of this program.

Considering how this bot has previously recorded instances of overall failure to react to app signs, you should learn how to use the manual controls within an indoor arrangement before using the program in an outside setup.

In a nutshell, the management mechanism of the drone utilizes a personal WiFi network. The drone initializes itself and broadcasts particular WiFi signs chosen from the transmitter and the telephone control to facilitate control. Thus, always make sure you stay away from using this particular drone at a spot with many WiFi networks to get greater efficacy.

The controlling program is called “MJX C4005 FPV” and is free to download for the two iOS and Android users.

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DBPower MJX X400W Review - Flight Performance

6. Flight Performance

The X400W drone is much too excellent in-flight performance! As stated earlier, this drone matches perfectly as a recreational drone, and it does not disappoint. It may make instant 3D spins, in addition to swing and from, together with ease. Its transmitter includes a one-key-3D roster which produces the twist drill much more intriguing. Other identifying flight features include:

  • Powerful flight controller range: 100 meters
  • Maximum flight speed: 5mpH
  • Maximum flight length: 9 minutes

7. Value For Money & Guarantee

Presently, the DBPOWER X400W prices between $80 and $140 based on this vendor. But you should be aware you could negotiate the cost with specific sellers and make it lower than $80!

We checked, and it looks like the producer does not provide any guarantees. However, most sellers will take to substitute the drone if it arrives in a broken state. Nevertheless, you have to check thoroughly since vendors won’t accept any returns or changes.

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8. Unique Features

The DBPOWER X400W quadcopter has the following three exceptional features:

  • The Headless Mode: ordinarily, a drone head (nose) decides the drone’s leading leadership. But with all the X400W’s headless flying manner, the nose doesn’t have anything to do with all the forward’s direction. The entrance is going to be set by the management of the remote control.
  • A 3D VR headset: This exceptional headset lets you experience an opinion comparable to the one you might have if you’re actually within the drone.

Additionally, it has a one-key 3D roster button which helps to execute immediate 3D spins.


With that said, the DBPower MJX X400W is an excellent drone at this price point. One of its advantages that we want you to keep in mind is its FPV capability and 6-axis gyroscope technology. If you also own DBPower MJX X400W, let us know your comments in the comments.

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