Video of the Week #9  — Paul Williams

Video of the Week #9 — Paul Williams

Hey everyone,

This week’s video comes courtesy of Paul Williams, who’s taken the drone on some mighty fine snowboarding tours. Here’s what Paul had to say about his new favorite drone. Check out Paul’s awesome footage from Staaker here: 

I live in the mountains, and I’d been looking for a drone that can follow me properly in all my sports without having to control it manually, as that was too much hassle. When I found out Staaker could do this, was compact and could descend and follow, I was sold! Its awesome having a drone following you and not having to control it. I couldn’t believe it would work that well at first, but it really does.

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The startup was really easy. I was a bit unnerved at first with this robot flying around me, but I read the manual, and after an hour I was confident using all the modes on Staaker. I love the Compass mode! Depending on the terrain, you can place it where suitable and just go. Really reassuring. I just can’t wait to put the drone down some proper, more extreme terrain and see the epic shots rolling in. My favorite shot has to be where I was snowboarding this wide open ridge, with stunning mountains behind. Gave me a great sense of liberty.

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