Video of the Week #8 — Dennis Liljedahl

Video of the Week #8 — Dennis Liljedahl

Hey everyone,
Ready for some smashing new content made with Staaker?
Thanks to Dennis Liljedahl, this week we get to enjoy the Åre Bike Park from above.
Here’s what Dennis had to say about the experience on his YouTube channel: “Riding the flow trail in the top zone of Åre Bike Park feels a bit like flying. The altitude, the view, the flow and the ticking of your hub. Being chased by a drone also helps.” 

Check out Dennis’ video taken with Staaker here: Of course, we had to find out more, so we went ahead and asked. Keep reading to find out more about what made Dennis fall in love with Staaker. 

Hey Dennis, why did you choose Staaker?
I like to make videos from my mountain biking escapades, and most of the time I ride alone. So getting a drone that I needed someone else to operate wasn’t and option. Staaker seemed to be the most autonomous drone, that also was easy to put in a backpack and could handle rain.
What was it like having a drone just following you and not having to control it?
In the beginning I was a bit anxious and looked over my shoulder quite a bit. But I quickly realized that the Staaker was really good at doing it’s thing, namely — stalking me.
Was it difficult to get started with Staaker? If yes, why?
I was a bit nervous about sending this quite expensive thing up in the air, not knowing how it would behave and if I was going to crash it. But once it was airborne it acted really solid. It hung still in the air when I wanted it to, even in quite windy conditions, and it followed me nicely when put to play. 

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What’s your favorite mode and why?
So far I think the Follow mode is what I like the most, probably because it’s the mode that best simulates riding on the bike. I need to explore the other modes more though.
What’s the favorite shot you’ve gotten with your Staaker so far?
I had this amazing autumn day riding in Åre Bike Park. The video I got when the Staaker followed me riding in the top area is really great!
Is there anything else you liked that stood out for you?
It seems to be a solid flying machine! When filming in Åre I accidentally bent two of the rotors on the propellers, so I was really worried about sending my Staaker up in the air on a 1000+ meters mountain in windy conditions with bent rotors…But I bent the rotors back best I could and sent it! Worked like a charm.

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