Video of the week #7 - Scott Rocknak

Video of the week #7 - Scott Rocknak

Scott Rocknak is an avid winter sports enthusiast in the winter months and sails, and rides an adventure motorcycle in warmer temperatures. We discovered Scott after he posted several interesting reviews on the Staaker. We caught up to him after returning from a snowmobile trip to the mountains of Maine, USA.

Why did you choose Staaker? 

The search started with tasking my son to find “a drone that is good for snowmobiling”. He, of course, googled exactly that phrase and up popped Staaker. That began an intense research project of what was out there in terms of a cold weather drone.

The dedicated follow-me aspect of the Staaker became immediately attractive. Previously I played with the follow-me features on the current drones I own. Those features, on brands you’d recognize, were at best cumbersome. I researched all the new offerings and how they handled wind, weather, cold, and how they could fly autonomously. I looked at reviews and examples, talked with people that owned certain models, and determined I would get the Staaker. 

Snowmobiling wasn’t the only reason for a robust weather resistant drone. There’s another specific purpose of which I’ll reveal in the near future. 

What was it like having a drone just following you and not having to control it? 

The first time I flew the Staaker I watched it and verified it was there. Later it was just seeing if it’s spidery shadow was traveling on the ground alongside. And finally I graduated to simply just looking up at it when I got to where I was going.

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Was it difficult to get started with Staaker? If yes, why? 

I just charged the batteries, read the manual, and flew the drone. I must admit I have never done the barometric calibration. Need to make that more of a habit however its been great so far. Remember, this is a simple setup. It follows you.

My favourite mode is Compass Mode. You put the Staaker where you want it and it keeps the position, height, and angle you have set it at. Circle mode is also nice as you can control how it circles you as you move. I’ve tested in Circle mode to at least 40 mph.

My experience using Staaker so far is positive. I especially like the ability to fly close and low. People that have seen it want one. It’s a unique product that allows the user to concentrate on the task at hand.

I liked it enough I made a series of real world reviews.I did this in part as I read one review while during the pre-purchase research. The writer was making unusual statements almost as if they worked for a competitor and seemed to be somewhat vindictive. Part of that review was that the Staaker lacks obstacle sensors. Well, on one flight we had a state of the art 12 sensor follow drone with us and it couldn’t fly because the wind was too great. The Staaker flew with no issues and we got the shot. Getting the shot is where its at.

What’s the favorite shot you’ve gotten with your Staaker so far? 

The shot was just after a storm covered a mountain forest in heavy snow. It was cold, windy, and the ambient light was a pale shade of icy blue. We set the Staaker in Compass mode directly overhead and flew just above a rapidly descending tree line. The tracker was on my wrist as I took a snowmobile up and down the narrow trail. The POV of the snowmobile was only attainable from exactly and directly overhead. The Staaker followed with the gimbal pointing straight down. It made for very scenic video.

Is there anything else you liked that stood out for you?

The look and feel is well done. The drone has an aura of quality to it. Even the case it comes in is impressive. Battery longevity is crucial to what I do and we found the Staaker to be between 22 minutes at full tilt to 30 minutes normal flight.