Video of the week: Staaker in the mountains

Video of the week: Staaker in the mountains


How was it to have a drone just following you and not having to control it?

For me it is essential, drone videos of beautiful landscape is just that, beautiful. When I thought about buying a drone, I wanted a drone that could film whatever I was doing, not just the landscape I was in, so that I could create not just beautiful shots but awesome action videos.

Why did you choose Staaker? 

Staaker sticks out with specs that are unmatched by any other drones I know of. There is several other auto follow drones, fast drones, drones with great camera, drones with good battery life, drones that can withstand rain, but from what I know, there is no other drone with the combination that can match the Staaker.

Was it difficult to get started with the Staaker? 

It is not difficult getting the staaker in the air and create great movies. But you need to think about what combination of commands you are giving. For instance, if you are skiing downhill with the Staaker at low relative height in front of you, it is not a good idea to change mode to “follow” without increasing the relative height. Luckily for me, the drone is very robust and did not take any damage when I tried this.

What is your favorite mode and why?

It depends on the activity I’m doing. When I’m on a mountaintop, the “Circle mode” creates amazing shots, when I’m moving relatively flat the “follow mode” is great. If you want to pan the scenery while you are walking in front of it, the “hover mode” gives a unique view, but the mode I definitely use the most is the “compass mode” as I feel I have much better control of where the drone is when I’m moving at higher speed.

How has your experience using Staaker been so far?

I actually had quite a rough start with the drone since I had an incident already on one of my first flights. I was using the drone to film me on downhill cycling. Close to the bottom of the hill, I had to cycle through a very dense forest whit very high trees. On my second run with the drone following me through this forest, the tracker and the drone lost the communication and the drone stopped and started to hover, as it is programmed to do. A couple of minutes later when I ran back up and got communication back, the drone continued the tracking as it was programmed. Because I now was much lower in the terrain than when we lost communication, the drone descended straight into the high trees and crashed. When I then contacted the Staaker support team, they were amazing. The team had not thought of this potential crash hazard (of course, why would anyone film themselves in a dense forest with very high trees? It was not possible to see me on the video). In very short time, they actually agreed to repair the drone at no cost even though the drone had no technical faults when it crashed. When I got the drone back, the team had already created a firmware update addressing this situation so that it won’t happen again for anyone.

Other than this, I love the Staaker. It is a much better “cameraman” than I can ever be. 

What is the favorite shot you have gotten with your Staaker so far?

It is the shot from the spectacular mountain of “Geitadalstind” in Norway featured in this video of the week.

Is there anything else you liked that stood out for you?

The Staakers speed is very impressive. I have not yet been able to outrun it.