Staaker - Video of The Week #3

Staaker - Video of The Week #3

We caught up with Kristian last week and asked him why he chose the Staaker and what his experience is so far:

I chose Staaker because there were no other drones on the market with the specs I was looking for. I was considering DJI Mavic Pro, but their follow mode sucks.

I have so far only tested Staaker a few times, and I was cautious and kept it at a high altitude so that I could get to know the system before I really start pushing it. I have flown DJI Mavic Pro before and I thought that Staaker would be a lot harder to control. But you guys have done a great job. It’s as easy to control as it is elegant! It was as easy to learn how to use Staaker as it was to learn how to put on my socks in the morning. All I did to learn it was to have a 20 min session on a football field before taking it to the mountains.

I haven’t tested all the modes yet while skiing, but so far Compass is my favorite mode. I have only used it for 2 ski trips so far, but I’m very happy with the footage the Staaker follow drone makes. I have only good things to say about Staaker so far. Simple to fly and land. I was worried that landing in powder snow would present problems, but it lands like a champ and there are no issues. My favorite clip so far is me riding telemark skis down Snaufjellet when the sun is setting. It made an epic shot! I also really like that Staaker comes with a casing that protects it and that it's foldable it makes it easy to carry when I hike up the mountains.

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