Vide of the week #11 - Patrick Zimmermann

Vide of the week #11 - Patrick Zimmermann

Hey everyone,

This week’s video comes courtesy of Patrick Zimmermann from Switzerland. He’s had his drone for a short while, but he’s already been using it on snow tours, and is still discovering more about its features. Check out Patrick’s video taken with Staaker here:

Hey Patrick, why did you choose Staaker?  
I choose Staaker as I was looking for an auto follow drone that is able to adjust its altitude when you are descending and no other drone of the well known brands I came across had this function. Also, looking at video reviews from other drones, they often lost the tracked person.

What was it like having a drone just following you and not having to control it?
At first, you’re a bit cautious but then you realize pretty fast that Staaker does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and that you can fully concentrate on your activity.

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It was super easy to get started with Staaker. This is my first time using a drone and before I made the video I only tried it in a field for 5 minutes. Although, to be honest, I actually read the product manual for one. I haven’t played around with all of Staakers modes, but so far I really like the Follow mode.

How’s your experience using Staaker been so far?
My experience so far has been really great! I was overwhelmed when I saw the footage for the first time. Also I think its really compact, but after a couple of hours of ski-touring / skiing I start to feel the 1.5kg on my back...therefore I will probably mostly bring it along on shorter trips than full day adventures.

I had a crash on the third flight as I had it following me really low over ground (like 1m) and when I went over a jump, it flew right into it. But nothing happened, and I was able to start it again straight away.

Is there anything else you liked that stood out for you?
Yes. I liked the fact that it was produced in Norway.