Update your Staaker drone to ensure the best user experience

Update your Staaker drone to ensure the best user experience

The Staaker drone is ready to fly out of the box. However, we recommend that you download the newest firmware for the tracker and the drone before using it. This ensures the best user experience and system stability.

Staaker Assist 

Staaker Assist is the assist and update software for both the drone and tracker. We always want to improve the product and give our users a better experience to make this the optimal tool for filming. By reviewing every flight, we always find things to improve. The application requires an internet connection to work. By downloading the application from our webpage you can easily connect your Staaker for uploading flight logs, update your Staaker’s firmware and submit support requests. Here's a guide on how to update your Staaker. 

How to get started with Staaker Assist 

1. Go to http://www.staaker.com and click on Support 

staaker drone

2. Download Staaker Assist from our website. Choose if you want to download Staaker Assist for Windows, MacOS or Linux. It requires Java 8 or later installed to work.

staaker drone

3. Open
Staaker Assist. Connect your Staaker drone to your computer using the orange USB cable.
staaker drone

Firmware Update

All firmware updates will be announced on our webpage. Staaker Assist requires internet connection and will download and update the latest firmware version for you. Staaker Assist will also notify you if there is a new firmware since last time you updated your Staaker when you are plugged in. You can easily see what firmware Version you have on your Staaker by checking the About screen on the tracker. You can see the changes in the new version by first clicking Help and then Changelog in Staaker Assist.

It’s best practice that you always update both tracker and drone with the latest firmware, different versions are not compatible.

1. Click on Update Staaker FirmwareAs soon as you have connected the Staaker drone to your computer using the orange USB cable you are ready to Update the Staaker.

staaker drone

 Confirm that you want to proceed with the update by clicking on yes

staaker drone

Your Staaker drone is now updated to the latest firmware. When the drone firmware is complete and the flight log is uploaded, unplug the drone. The drone might beep a couple of times the first time powering it up after a firmware update. This is normal.

Staaker drone

Connect the Tracker with the USB (using the orange micro usb cable) to your computer. Click on Update Tracker Firmware.


5. Confirm that you want to proceed with the update by clicking on yes

Wait for completion in Staaker Assist, unplug the tracker.

Confirm that the new version was installed by checking the About screen in your tracker main menu 😊 Your Staaker drone and tracker is now updated to the latest firmware. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to us at support@staaker.com or Facebook!