Staaker vs. Other Drones — Here’s Why Staaker Wins By a Landslide

Staaker vs. Other Drones — Here’s Why Staaker Wins By a Landslide

We often get questions about how Staaker compares to other similar drones out there on the market. Here’s your chance to learn more about Staaker — and figure out why the solutions we provide are the most advanced, yet incredibly simple and easy to work with.

Fact #1: Staaker is a true autonomous follow-me drone
Many drones include follow and film option as an add-on, making it pretty basic and crude. Conversely, this is Staaker’s main purpose, it’s what it’s made for. It’s fully autonomous. So once you put on the tracker and turn the drone on, it will follow and record your every move, without any additional input from you. No need to carry bulky remote controllers around. No need to select objects to follow on the screen. No need to update your home point — just turn on Staaker and the tracker, and go.

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Fact #2: It loves speed, so you don’t need to pace yourself
Unlike many other drones that take up a lot of time to pick up speed and when they do, their speed is limited to following you on a light jog, Staaker is made to capture action and adventure. Reaching top speed at 80 kph/50 mph, it opens up for an array of possibilities, ranging from skiing, snowboarding, and cycling, to jet skiing or making some cool maneuvers with your new car. Staaker is meant to follow your speed, so you can enjoy your adventures at your own pace, and set your own rules.

Fact #3: Staaker tracks you even when it doesn’t see you
What happens when you run past a tree and Staaker can’t see you? Since it doesn’t use its camera to track you, it doesn’t need to see you at all times in order to follow you. We know it may seem strange at first, not needing to check if the drone is still following you, but after a few times you use it, you’ll gain trust and know for certain that your Staaker is there with you. We know other drones have taught you to always look over your shoulder to see if they’re behind you, but with Staaker this is a thing of the past.

Fact #4: It’s virtually weatherproof
This one’a a big one. Weather conditions limit performance of many other drones, but with Staaker’s waterproof tracker and the drone’s sturdy build, you get to use the drone even in less than perfect weather. Say you’re really eager to take your drone out for an afternoon bike ride, but it super windy outside. Do you wait for the wind to calm down and weather to change? No, you go out and make some great footage with Staaker. With a 3-axis internal gimbal and special wind resistance included, you can forget shaky footage.
Staaker was made to let you do more, and it’s ready to adapt to the way you chose to have fun. Over several filming modes, through diverse weather conditions and at varying speeds, it provides great footage and versatility of use that’s tough to find elsewhere. On top of everything, Staaker gives you the extra benefit other drones don’t: it requires so little direction from you that you can forget its even there, and focus on what really matters — the adventure.

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