Blade Chroma 4K Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Blade Chroma 4K Review

The Blade Chroma 4K is a drone for beginners made by Horizon Hobby. Equipped with impressive specifications with 4k, 1080p video, and image quality. This is considered a competitor of DJI Phantom 3 and 3DR Solo Drone. Check out the following article about Blade Chroma 4k review for more details about the product.

Blade Chroma 4K Review

1. Packaging

The Horizon Hobby Blade Chroma is a rival of the Phantom drones out of DJI. It’s a lot of similarities and some differences, such as the cushioned GPS mast, for that which sounds to be better signal reception, along with a detachable 3-axis Gimbal with a single cable attached.

The double-sided blade propellers (10-inch props, 1 inch greater than the Phantom’s) are tightened, so carrying them off is as simple as holding the engine in place and turning the blades loose. After revised in place, there’s no demand for a fastener since the propeller is being tightened from this engine’s spinning.

Therefore, even though there was no GPS, the Chroma would nevertheless maintain its position. The legs are equally readily detachable with a couple of clicks, so leaving a nice flat surface for one to keep away in your backpack or challenging situation, either of which is a fantastic option to put money into.

On the RC side, you have the option of if you like their ST10+ that has assembled in Wi-Fi, if you’d like the most accessible possible means to acquire video downlink, or if you already have something such as a Spektrum DX4. You can purchase a Bind-N-Fly variant of this Blade Chroma.

Blade Chroma 4K Design

2. Design & Durability

The white plastic body is 33 x 33 cm square with a height of 9.5 cm should you unmount everything. The aircraft weighs 1.3kg. The blh8611 brushless motors utilized a voltage of 780kv, more significant than people on the Phantom 3 and much more effective on three mobile phones (Phantom 3 utilizes four cells).

As a result of the self-tightening 10-inch props, the aircraft is relatively quiet and incredibly efficient. The Wi-Fi recipient is from the camera. Therefore all of the wireless transmission occurs right with all it, and only the movement controls are hooked up into the Blade Chroma.

It melts quickly, taking up little space, a right edge in comparison to the Phantom. It may be a fantastic traveling drone.

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3. Camera

The CGO3 4K competent camera places the Blade Chroma before elderly drones, which utilize 1080p, or even before direct rivals like the Phantom 3 Pro that has 2.7K movie capacity. The movie quality, however, suffers from an over-sharpening. The colors are great, but you may want to have fun with the white balance.

The CGO2 1080p camera includes a twisted lens so that they utilize innovative software to fix the picture. This contributes to the resulting picture being markedly pixilated.

4. Battery & Flight Time

The batteries’ initial batches to your Blade Chroma were mislabeled to become 5400 mAh when they had been 6300 mAh batteries in the production process. The included charger requires approximately two hours to charge the battery fully, and its vents that, if obstructed, will make it get hot.

The low battery behavior is that about 10.6 V, it may issue a warning. After 1 minute and a half, it will automatically soil, irrespective of the stage it finds itself so, caution is required when flying over water or other dangerous places.

The flight period is rather impressive, in a good 24 minutes in 500m from sea level (the higher up you are, the less powerful the propellers become), mainly by hovering and smooth going around. That is still better than the 20 minutes. That’s the average for comparable consumer drone versions.

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Blade Chroma 4K Controller

5. Controller

It is possible to locate YUNEEC composed on the ST-10+ control. That is because they’re the tech providers for Horizon Hobby; nonetheless, Horizon Hobby performs their customizations, plus they give excellent customer care, having been in the business for quite a very long moment. That is something to remember when purchasing a costly bit of kit like the Blade Chroma.

The ST-10+ is an Android OS built-in device for video control and transmission using a touch screen, which can be considered.

If you currently have an iPhone or even iPad and would like to utilize it to get FPV, you might choose to proceed with the Phantom route. But if you do not have a fantastic smartphone or favor something incorporated, the first choice would suit you much better.

The Wi-Fi link isn’t Lightbridge, rather than this DJI Phantom higher-priced version. This results in the after to get less latency and much more range. The movie latency about the Blade Chrome is all about 400ms, which is not bad for this type of drone, returning home by itself.

A suction cup-mounted sunshade attachment is provided for the control for flying in sunlight, though you might find it somewhat flimsy. Perhaps another alternative like Velcro straps could have made much more sense. It will, however, fold well.

The sticks on the control return to their original position, so if you launch both rods, the drone will hover, and that’s precisely what it was supposed to perform. Up in the ideal side corner of this control, there’s a toggle switch for the “Safe Flight” style, “Arial Photography” style, or “Return Home” mode.

There’s a listing record video on the right and a shoot photo button on the left side up to every side corner. On the side, there’s a speed slider with a maximum possible value of 25km/h. Should you choose the Blade Chroma from GPS mode, using a little bit of tail end, rates of 70km/h are potential.

The control itself includes a rechargeable battery. If you take the battery out, you locate an SD Card slot machine, together with the potential for adding an SD card to put away telemetry information, a rather interesting feature if you’re frightened of dropping the drone.

The radio itself is well constructed, and it seems like a fantastic fit. One minor problem might be that the screen is at the base of the radio. Perhaps it could have made more sense for this to be at the very top. The control is currently 25x19x11 cm in measurement. It comes in white.

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6. Flight Performance

The Blade Chroma includes built-in flight parameters like a maximum elevation of 400 ft (in compliance with the FAA from the US) and contains a range of 640 ft whatsoever.

This is a great feature for new users to acquire some desired flight abilities. However, the specialists can throw that out the window by simply downloading the Chrome GUI program and expand the geofence edge around 8200 ft (2500 m).

That is yet beyond the sign range. Therefore a more realistic value would be favored. On a transparent day, it requires 2000 ft of space without any obstacles in between, such as the transmission sign to blur and 1000 m in more congested areas.

Besides the flight manual configurations, the SAFE® Plus flight controller technologies of the Blade Chroma also include a “Smart” mode for automatic flying. This provides entry to “Follow Me” and “Tracking.” Together with the first, the drone follows the control, while “Tracking” also transforms the camera to point to the consumer in any respect times.

The “Smart” mode also has the quality of transferring the drone at the specific instructions received from the control, no matter where the aircraft’s nose is pointing. This resembles the”Home Lock” characteristic of DJI drones and helps newcomer fliers.

If you would like to utilize the “Follow Me” or “Tracking” manner, this has to be placed on the floor. You can’t alter these manners in mid-air. On the flip side, it’s likely to change between “Smart,” “Agility,” and “Return Home” while flying.

If the range is vital, this drone may be very restricting for you, even though the most range in many nations is 500m, and the Blade Chroma ought to be effective at accomplishing that limit.

Blade Chroma 4K Value For Money And Guarantee

7. Value For Money And Guarantee

You can find a Flight-Ready Blade Chroma Drone using Stabilized CGO3 4K camera along with ST-10+ Transmitter for $1,099 on Amazon. Horizon Hobby, LLC (Horizon) does merit to the buyer of this product which the Blade Chrome is going to be liberated of manufacturing or material malfunctions for just six months.

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8. Unique Features

By Horizon Hobby, you receive a well-supported apparatus from the Blade Chroma, which is considered a massive benefit by many men and women in RC groups. Additionally, all of the Blade Chroma portions are often in stock so that you don’t need to return to the producer or await accessibility.

The simplicity of use for beginners is also a plus element. You do not need to take the Chroma from this box just to discover that you need to resist getting Wi-Fi to get the job done. You turn on your ST10, turn in your Chroma, and it’ll request a password the first time around. You kind in 1234567890, your control will bind together with the drone, and you are all set.


Blade Chroma 4K is a stable drone, providing a great flight experience for users. Overall the device is relatively easy to use, and the camera is quite reasonable compared to other 4k experiences in the same price range. However, this is a drone with low automatic GPS accuracy. You should consider this drawback before considering buying it.

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