Blade 350 QX3 Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Blade 350 QX3 Review

One of the numerous Drone Brands, Blade comes out on top in regards to user-friendliness. Now the company has added a brand new craft to the hangar of micro quadcopters, let us have a look and what is hot about the most recent addition within this Blade 350 QX3 Review.

Blade 350 QX3 Review

1. Packaging

As above, this drone is capable of flying as soon you get it. Regardless, you get in the bundle:

  • 1 x Blade 350 QX
  • 1 x receiver
  • 000 Mah LiPo Capacity Battery
  • 1 x manual
  • Battery charger
  • A battery hatch (white)

The drone question can also be available from the Bind-N-Fly variant. However, in this circumstance, you won’t receive AA batteries and the transmitter.

Further, smaller parts are contained in the bundle, and also construction is not required.

Blade 350 QX3 Review - Packaging

2. Design & Durability

Blade 350 QX weighs just 760 g, which can be lower than comparable models, particularly those in precisely the same price range. This makes flying better and more straightforward, so this drone provides more fun than equal drones.

On the opposing side, all parts are produced from materials that withstand shocks and more compact crashes. As a result, you’ll have a drone that’s resistant to accidents and mildew damages.

The apparel is colored in black and white colors, with red propellers (just two of these ), making it stand out from the audience and appear more expensive than it is.

The manufacturer provides spare parts on their site. Therefore, it’s a far more excellent option to purchasing a new element from these than to purchase from trusted sellers because there are many copied elements in the marketplace.

Copied parts are around 2-3 times cheaper than original components, but they’re also reduced in grade. Additionally, many of them will not match, so you’ll need to make a minor alteration or receive a new element, which can be a waste of cash.

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3. Camera

A camera is not contained in the bundle, so this element is something you’ll need to get also. On the opposing side, as a result of its flying abilities, it’s a significant element to this particular drone. Explained, you want a superb camera for this particular drone, and you may take professional photos.

A GoPro camera and a professional gimbal would be the best options since the framework is completely optimized for encouraging a camera. Remember that not all camera models may be mounted, which means you’ll need to receive a supported version.

Additionally, professional cameras would be the ideal choice because of the simple fact they possess the maximum resolution, and they’re lightweight. A hefty camera may compromise maneuverability and fly time, which will negatively influence the drone’s flying capabilities.

4. Battery & Flight Time

The battery is the smallest and the most significant element in this particular unit because it investigates the flying period. The manufacturer has updated the battery compared to the prior version, so this device features a 3,000 mAh LiPo battery, capable of providing over 15 minutes of flying time.

Though this time is not the best to get, it’s the most effective one of all drones from this price range. Remember that weather conditions influence the flying period because the drone has to use more energy and power to keep in the atmosphere. Additionally, mounting a camera can lower the flying time. However, that is all but irrelevant.

Charging the battery has to be performed through the provided from the manufacturer. Charging it with a different charger may lead to damage to the battery, and in certain instances, it may even burst. If you apply the mill charger, then you’ll recharge the battery in under two hours, which is somewhat lengthy, but hey, you could always get a spare time.

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Blade 350 QX3 Review - Controller

5. Controller

BLADE 350 QX3 Quadcopter’s control is just one of the best that you can get since it’s user-friendly and features a lot of features. A fantastic addition is your return house button, which will bring your drone into the beginning position.

Once pressed, the LED light will flash, telling you your drone is forthcoming. Additionally, you get LED signs based on the preferred style (AP, Smart, or Stability).

Additionally, this control has a streamlined layout; therefore, holding it in your hands is a true joy. It’s been primarily shaped not to induce wrist distress, even if you use it the whole day.

The best features for your control are:

  • Very Simple to Use
  • The large screen on the bottom
  • Return home button
  • LED indicators
  • Extended range

These imply that flying your drone is a lot easier and provides a much better experience than many versions available on the market. Remember that the control is created on precisely the same principle as the drone, only because it’s lightweight, but it supplies top quality.

6. Flight Performance

This variable is among the very significant in regards to high-end drones. You ought to know by now that the drone question was designed for professional software. Therefore it is not an ordinary toy!

Users assert that the 350 QX drones can provide:

  • Over 15 minutes flying time (the real-time Is Dependent upon several variables )
  • Maximum speed: 15 miles

A few exciting additions for the drone’s flight operation would be the three flying manners:

The Smart Mode, making flying safer. This mode uses a detector to prevent potential damages and barriers, so the danger of damages will probably be reduced. Stability mode is ideal in producing aerial photos and videos since it will continue to keep the drone in 1 position.

Even if a pilot makes specific changes that may interfere with the equilibrium, the machine will remove them and maintain the drone insecurely.

The Agility Mode is much more than necessary if you would like fun with all the drones. It’ll make flying better along with the maneuverability is going to be improved.

AP or aerial photography style is specially created for pilots who wish to shoot photos from the atmosphere. In this manner, the particular attention was focused on firmness and smoothness, which means that all photos and movies you create will have excellent quality.

The return home is an excellent quality that will bring back your drone to the beginning position and stop losing your apparatus. Picking this mode is straightforward since all you want to do is press a button on the control.

Blade 350 QX3 Review - Unique Features

7. Unique Features

We want to mention one of the many unique features that the three flight modes enable ultra-stable aerial movie catch. Additionally, because the drone could be corrected to a way of flying, the apparatus may be used by both beginners and experts in the art of drone metering.

Along with the flight manners, this drone also features improved GPS and altimeter technology. It includes built-in detectors that allow you to maintain your drone in a particular position in the atmosphere. Therefore, you’ll receive more secure aerial footage.

Additionally, there’s a return house manner to automatically return your quad house (in the beginning point) with the flip of a switch.

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8. Value For Money & Guarantee

Two chief factors when buying a drone will be the cost and warranty period. When we compare this version with comparable ones on the current market, it may be stated that its cost is highly reasonably priced. You can purchase it from the regional hobby store or on the internet.

As an instance, you can purchase a new one online for about 500 bucks (naturally, you need to add the shipping price to this cost). The mix of price, fantastic features, and reliability makes this quadcopter readily available to the massive public. Thus, this version has become one of the principal opponents of DJI drones, and it is worth every cent.

The warranty period isn’t mentioned on websites where it’s accessible. However, you can get in touch with your vendor for warranty info and any other matter. Additionally, you may take a look at the company’s site for the guarantee details.


Leaving aside the unimpressive camera, this is truly a desirable drone. In the same customer segment, price range, the Blade 350 QX3 possesses the outstanding features that leading drones need.

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