Best Syma Drone 2021: X5C, X8 Top Review

Best Syma FPV Drone 2020

After altogether, there’s absolutely no area for poor decision-making regarding deciding on the perfect drone for your unique needs.

You must make educated decisions, and This Is the reason Staaker has developed this Top 10 Best Syma Drone Reviews testimonials to Assist You.

What Can I Buy

What Can I Buy?

Syma is almost always a fantastic inexpensive choice if you want a good drone without having to spend a lot. The very best Syma quadcopter that I will suggest for you is your Syma X8HG due to its exceptionally responsive controls, comprised camera attachment, and low battery consumption.

If you would like something more budgeted, nevertheless precious, the Syma X5SW-V3 is a superb option. Whenever you’re having difficulty dealing with camera controllers, go simple with all the Syma X5A-1.

However, if you enjoy a daredevil drone that does incredible stunts, pick the Syma X1. And, when you want a more suitable way to get fun with drones, play the pocket-sized Syma X12.


Syma includes different sorts of drones, each with its operation. Some drones are only headless, some are created for stunts, but some concentrate on photography. You’ll have to understand what Syma drone you’re planning to get since they’re all very unique.


For the most part, Syma is quite simple to control; that is why it’s a smash hit among novices. Many Syma drones incorporate a remote control, but others ask that you download a program, mainly if it is WiFi ready. Syma drones are fitted using 2.4GHz technologies to get rid of any lag when you’re controlling the drone, even from afar.


Syma is famous for having inexpensive drones. In reality, their drones consistently price far lower than $100, and that is quite a massive thing. The costs are economical, but the drones always arrive with a spare battery and control to go together.


Syma drones aren’t solely generous on the pocket. They’re little also. A good deal of Syma drones is mild and easy to pick up and perform with. However, the best reason to find a Syma drone is that most UAVs weigh significantly less than 250g, so you won’t ever have to go into the FAA for enrollment.

Top Rated Best Syma Quadcopters Review

Top Rated Best Syma Quadcopters Review

1. Syma X5C

To start on the list is your Syma X5C, a toy firing quadcopter that rankings high in value for the money. This mini-drone comes outfitted with a camera, flies well in light wind conditions, and is user friendly.

Though the camera is ideal for those seeking to test aerial photography, there are no stabilization capabilities. No stabilization means rickety photographs, but given this particular drone’s cost, that is expected.

Syma X5C-1 Explorers 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera
373 Reviews
Syma X5C-1 Explorers 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera
  • It is a upgraded version of X5C equipped with HD Camera.Please know that the "X" of X5C on the plane is red.
  • Build-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky.
  • Various control options for those piloting the X5C. Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, Leftward flight, Rightward flight.


  • Beginner-friendly version
  • Durable design
  • Can be flown indoors and outside
  • Every part can be obtained for replacement.


  • The camera quality is not the Best.

2. Syma X5SW

The Syma X5SW is the updated version of the prior version, the X5C. The principal difference between both is that Syma updated the SW using FPV video transmission over WiFi. The SW is the sole Syma X5 version featuring FPV. But, unlike other Syma X5 versions, the SW doesn’t record on a micro SD card rather than your phone through the program.

While the video and photo quality is not exceptional with this version, you will still have a lot of fun with this lightweight drone. Like other Syma X5 versions, it’s incredibly durable and has quite a large landing equipment. This does a fantastic job of preventing it from tipping over during landing and hammering its propellers to the floor.

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 WiFi FPV Drone 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera, White
  • Headless/IOC function. Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using headless/IOC, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. This lessens the steepness of the learning curve and allows the pilot to enjoy flight while slowly learning each specific orientation of the quadcopter.
  • Equipped with the latest 6-Axis flight control systems, 3D lock, more scheduled flight, operating more to the force!
  • Equipped with HD camera to take photos and videos while flying! Bring a new perspective to your photos and videos from the air.


  • Lightweight
  • Very durable frame
  • Both the Android and iOS harmonious


  • No SD card slot
  • Some users report problems with Wi-Fi.
  • The camera and video quality Aren’t the greatest.

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3. Syma X8C

The Syma X8C is the perfect model for coaching. Among the most excellent features which make it stand out is its exceptional stability. It’s a sizable drone, but the predictability and strength are ideal for those learning to control flight.

It features a headless flight style, which is perfect for novices, and in most scenarios, you can not find the drone’s orientation. Syma calls this feature the intelligent Orientation Control system… It sounds complicated, but it’s the headless mode, simple and straightforward.

The Syma X8C includes an adequate selection of 100M, which can be useful as you do not need to worry as much about shedding the signal and the drone) as a few other drones in this price bracket. Additionally, it has a 2MP camera that can be low resolution, however helpful for taking snaps out of a birds-eye view!

Syma X8C Venture with 2MP Wide Angle Camera 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter - Orange
140 Reviews
Syma X8C Venture with 2MP Wide Angle Camera 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter - Orange
  • With camera, can take video and picture.
  • The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched.
  • 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.


  • Cost
  • Fantastic stability
  • The adequate range for cost
  • Includes headless flight manner


  • Charging time is very long at three hours.
  • Photo and video quality may be improved.
  • Large

4. Syma X8W

The Syma X8W is the X8C, however, with FPV capacity, thanks to some Wi-Fi camera. Although the picture quality is not the best, this version offers among the finest introductions to FPV for novices.

Besides FPV, it provides the same features as the Syma X8c, such as headless style, or’Intelligent Orientation Control’ (!!!!!) in Syma speak.

The Syma X8W is a reasonable means for pilots to get their feet wet with FPV and make a superb training drone because of the proper equilibrium.

Syma X8W 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Headless FPV (Real Time) Quadcopter with Wifi Camera - BLACK
150 Reviews
Syma X8W 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Headless FPV (Real Time) Quadcopter with Wifi Camera - BLACK
  • Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) system - The Syma X8W has the Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) function. Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using IOC, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. This lessens the steepness of the learning curve and allows the pilot to enjoy flight while slowly learning each specific orientation of the quadcopter.
  • Wifi Camera - Syma X8W also comes equipped with 0.3MP WIFI HD camera. To realize the aerial photography (shooting and recording) and real-time images transmission in REAL TIME (with your smartphone).
  • 6 AXIS GYRO - Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock, More scheduled flight, operating more to the force!


  • Fantastic value for money, mainly due to FPV
  • The same pro’s as Syma X5C.


  • Lackluster video quality
  • It is a large boy

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5. Syma X8HG

Another incarnation of this big, but steady, fake of this iconic (and pricey ) DJI Phantom line. On top of that, the HG version sports a 1080p HD camera and elevation hold.

These are killer features in the budget drone woodland that allow you to capture usable movie (though it is not scraped ) footage and photographs. The elevation hold works nicely and retains the drone in the established altitude without a lot of deviation.

Besides such changes, this variant is the same in any other manner. It features a headless style and may do 360-degree flips. This drone also manages well in the end and takes decent photographs. It’s two flight rates, low and high, and did I mention it’s secure in the atmosphere.

DROCON Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter High Speed Flying Gopro Drone for Adults and Hobbyists, Blue
1,338 Reviews
DROCON Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter High Speed Flying Gopro Drone for Adults and Hobbyists, Blue
  • Updated Brushless Motor: Brushless motor won't overheat and melt like plastic, so you get longer lifespan. They don't fray and spark like average brush motors, so they're far safer.
  • Fly up to 15-20 Minutes: Blue B3 lasts for 15 minutes at mid-to-high throttle, and up to 20 minutes with conservative use. B3 flies stable & smooth for beginners and faster for expert.
  • Long Distance Control Remote Control Alarm: when your Blue B3 becomes a tiny speck in the distance, you retain 100% control. Fly to 1,000 feet and beyond in seconds and capture incredible shots of breathtaking vistas. Don't worry, low power alarm and weak signal alarm will keep the drone always under control.

Overall, the altitude hold and 1080p camera’s inclusion into a secure and straightforward to fly stage create the Syma X8HG among the greatest budget drones on the market.


  • Picture quality is excellent for the Purchase Price.
  • Smooth flight performance


  • No more FPV view, making framing pictures catchy.
  • The adjusted global aims to Decrease camera shake considerably.
  • The color isn’t appropriate for everybody.

6. Syma X8PRO

For aspiring aerial photographers searching for a suitable alternative at a low price, the Syma X8PRO would be the ideal alternative. It’s GPS plus a 720p HD camera that takes decent photos and movies. Added features include FPV, altitude hold, headless style, and vibrant LED lights.

For all of us, the headline attribute here’s GPS. This makes sure the drone hovers right and empowers the automatic return-to-home functionality. This indicates that if you eliminate the signal or the batteries are low, the drone mechanically flies back into the established home stage.

Syma has additionally had automatic flight-style performance, something found on a lot more expensive DJI drones.

The best modes comprise:

  • Follow me – that the drone mechanically flies after you and while keeping the camera lock.
  • Orbit – that the drone flies around you at around pattern while keeping camera lock
  • Flight Plan – that the drone will fly into the destination you suggested on the map (tap the map onto the smartphone program )

We also like it is likely to move down the camera through 90 levels (via remote control). In general, this well-priced option provides excellent smart drone capabilities while being simple to fly.


  • Both beginners and more advanced users alike may appreciate this drone.
  • Most acceptable value in this price range
  • 720P HD camera provides exceptional quality photographs and videos
  • Fantastic blot stability thanks to GPS
  • Return to house modes
  • Adjustable camera


  • Short battery life
  • Has a Brief Selection

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7. SYMA X20

Next up, we have the Syma X20, which will be our best choice for kids learning how to fly drones. This mini-sized drone consists of several helpful features like altitude hold mode, headless style, and one crucial take-off/landing that make it extremely easy to fly a drone.

Additionally, it has propeller guards, so it is also rather best indoor drone when these things are considered.

And the incredible thing about this particular drone is the very affordable price means it is available to anyone interested in learning how to fly a drone.


  • One of the best drones to begin Your Children off with elevation hold and headless style make flying a snap.
  • Fantastic flight performance Regardless of the small size
  • Very Affordable
  • Nice pebble-shaped remote management


  • The battery Isn’t removable.
  • Reports of readily damaged USB interface
  • No camera
  • No great in the wind
  • It would help if you eliminated the prop guards to start the body.

8. SYMA X9

The concluding drone on the list of the very best Syma drones is your X9. When you consider a drone, the Syma X9 is probably not the version that comes to mind since it seems more like a toy car than a drone.

The toy automobile is; users may change between using it like a remote-controlled car on the floor and a drone in the atmosphere. This capacity is probably its main attraction.

If you’re searching for something interesting that is easy to keep, the Syma X9 will provide you with hours of amusement. Even novice pilots may fly this particular hybrid vehicle.

You’ll be astounded at the springs and tricks it is possible to play in-flight style, in addition to the fun you will have in drive mode. Regrettably, it has no camera, but wants a camera once you have obtained a two-in-one toy?


  • It is a fun version that is Simple to Use.
  • Little
  • Could be Utilized as an RC car


  • No camera
  • Little batteries

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This is the most recent version of this X8 collection of Syma quadcopters also. It’s also a relatively reasonably priced drone. It features a much better quality camera compared to the X5 and X8 collection of Syma quadcopters, plus a 5MP camera with a resolution of approximately 1080p.

The drone’s control assortment is all about 10100m, which improves the X8W version. This drone is appropriate for novices since it’s simple to fly, and it’s relatively stable even if you’ll be facing a more powerful breeze.

Syma X8G features among the most current 6 6-axis light controller system, ensuring you will have a stabilized flight. Its maneuverability suggests that it’s a fantastic drone to be flown both insides as well as outdoors. The headless mode will let you command the drone no matter where it’s facing the remote control.

You might even take advantage of a button on the controller to test out some incredible atmosphere stunts; it’s even able to execute a 360-degree eversion of the atmosphere.

The LED lights with this drone imply you could fly it through the night with excellent visibility. On the flip side, the blade protectors and the landing gear guarantee offer extra safety throughout the flight.

The camera can take quality photographs, and they’ll be stored on the 4GB memory card. The flight period is approximately 7 to 8 minutes, which is relatively brief compared to comparable drones from different manufacturers. The battery (a 2000mAh battery) may be charged using a USB cable that’s somehow handy.

The main features of this Syma X8G:

  • It has a 1080p HD camera.
  • Features a 4 station work with a 6 axis Gyro platform in Addition to the Headless mode
  • Has the 2.4G anti-interference technologies
  • It could be flown both inside and outside.

This is the right drone for enthusiast newcomer drone pilots. It is possible to take quality photos for this quadcopter; however, its flight period is a bit lower than comparable drones from different manufacturers. It goes for about USD 138.

10. Syma X11C

Equip yourself with the Syma X11C Quadcopter camera, which includes a good 2MP HD camera that can take videos and photos while flying. Because of this, users may experience a new perspective regarding drone flight.

The addition of this six-axis gyro management stabilizer for improved flight management advantages. The addition of this unique 3D lock provides clear flying benefits to fit your requirements.

Additionally, it has a distinctive 360-degree eversion that lets you roll up the Quadcopter from the atmosphere. Because of this, you can do flips and tricks while enjoying an enjoyable adventure with yourself and the household.

The whole Quadcopter collection is accessible with a strong blade protector that’s secure for flights and protects the blade if any minor crashes happen. On top of that, the bright flashing lights make it enjoyable to perform throughout the daytime or night.


  • The Syma X11C Quadcopter Has a robust 2MP camera for photos and videos
  • Additionally, it comes with a six gyro management stabilizer for improved flight management advantages
  • The addition of this 360-degree eversion allows consumers to Carry out constant roles in the atmosphere


  • The battery on this particular drone Isn’t strong enough

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  • What is the best Syma drone


1. What is the best Syma FPV drone?

There are many high-quality Syma drones to select from, but I pick the Syma X8HG as it only seems so sophisticated, and it just costs less than $50. It is a fantastic drone to utilize for aerial shots and do 3D stunts precisely.

2. Can Syma drones be used indoors?

As a result of the small proportions, Syma drones are fantastic for both indoor and outdoor use. That is the beauty of Syma drones. Not only are they great in the area, but also the battery consumption and ease of use are what create Syma drones outstanding.

3. Do all Syma drones have a smartphone app?

Yes, most Syma drones incorporate a free program that you utilize. Some drones also incorporate optional control for your cell phone to improve the experience even further. The best thing about these is that the rates are always affordable.

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4. Are Syma drones long-lasting?

Even though Syma drones are mostly famous for costing cheap, life expectancy is rather long also. Lots of its customers are extremely pleased with their own Syma drones since it’s been together for many years, and it does not look as though they’ll stop anytime soon.

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Staaker said it, but we will repeat it: the best available Syma drone winner is your Syma X8PRO. It topped the record for many reasons. It is not the least expensive model on the listing. However, its comprehensive features make the Syma X8PRO worth the cost (although this drone isn’t pricey, by any means). These features make it appropriate for pilots of all ages and experience levels.

While nearly anybody will enjoy flying this particular drone, Syma targeted beginner pilots searching for a drone that is easy to wash. Novices will probably be up and running fast with this strong drone. It will also stand until the inevitable crashes, which are a part of this learning process.

The Syma X8PRO has many features that accelerate this learning curve: elevation grip, headless style. The killer feature, however, is GPS.

This frees it to the business of more costly drones and empowers stable leaning, return-to-home manners, and automatic flight modes for catching video. In general, you can not fail with all the Syma X8PRO. We give it our most significant recommendation.

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