Best Phantom 3 Accessories 2021: Top Review For You

Best Phantom 3 Accessories 2021 Top Review For You

DJI is a famous brand; they own many best-selling drones today; the items come with outstanding designs, and DJI’s distinctive features on each drone; make it easy to recognize for the customer. Phantom 3 is a device that, over the years it still retains its form.

Suppose you are a person who wants to experience the features and appeal of DJI phantom 3 fully. In that case, the accompanying accessories are essential to make your flight safer and keep your Phantom 3 undamaged, ensuring that you can fly with it for much longer. Keep reading Staaker’s article to see the list of the Best Phantom 3 Accessories 2021.

Top 15 Best DJI Phantom 3 Accessories 2021

Top 15 Best DJI Phantom 3 Accessories 2021

1. Battery Charging Dock

There are never enough batteries. They don’t charge. Many drone pilots will carry several additional batteries in their drone cases. The DJI battery charger can only charge one battery at once, so it is not convenient to return to check the status of the battery or change it.

You can add a battery charging dock for your supplies. The dock allows you to charge four batteries at once. The dock will detect which battery is charging the fastest and charge it first before proceeding to the next lower battery.

After the complete charge cycle has been completed, you will be able to return to your dock to find all four batteries fully charged and ready to fly again. Always charge your batteries in a safe place away from flammable substances, and don’t leave them unattended while charging. It is seen as the very best DJI Phantom 3 accessories. 

2. Prop Guards

If you forget your spares, a damaged propeller can be a major problem for drone pilots. Prop-guards are a great way to protect your propellers.

You can fly your drone without worrying about the propellers hitting an object in flight or landing on the ground. Some versions can be permanently attached to your drone or have a quick-release system that allows you to remove them when they are not in use or travel.

Another advantage is the increased visibility for orientation. It is easier for pilots to identify which end is forward by having red prop-guards at the front and white prop-guards at the rear.

Before taking off, make sure your prop-guards have been securely fastened, so they don’t come loose during flight, strike the propeller they were supposed to protect and cause an accident. It is said that one of the very best DJI phantom accessories.

3. Mobile Device Sun-Shade

A drone pilot can’t imagine a better day than a sunny day. This can make it difficult to see the screen of your drone screen due to glare or a washed-out screen. A sunshade, or visor, is an easy option.

There are many aftermarket options, but foam boards can be made to your specifications. Search for the device you are interested in to find templates.

Sun-shade is an inexpensive accessory that increases visibility on your drone. This is the very best device for DJI phantom 3.

4. Signal Boosters

Although the Phantom 3 has an impressive range, any improvement could be beneficial. The signal booster is composed of a copper sheet that has been molded into a parabolic shape. It claims to increase the Phantom 3’s range by up to 1.7 miles.

This signal booster is compatible only with the Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced models. They can be installed by simply sliding them into antennas on the controller.

5. Landing Pad

A flat, level landing area is more important than any set of stabilizers or landing gear. It’s not easy to find a perfect landing spot. This landing pad makes it easy to find a flat landing surface. You can attach the landing pad to the ground using pegs.

This will protect your drone from any damage from uneven surfaces or other loose debris. Sand particles can get lodged in the drone’s nooks, camera, and gimbal. This can lead to scratches and dirt buildup. If you don’t want to add weight to your drone, a landing pad might be an option.

6. Landing Gear Stabilizers

Although the Phantom 3’s landing gear is dedicated, it was small enough to not be visible from the camera. This design is particularly dangerous when landing on uneven terrain or in windy conditions. The Phantom 3 could tip over.

These landing gear stabilizers attach to Phantom 3’s landing wheel, increasing its stability and enhancing its stance. The stabilizers raise the landing gear by 1 inch to help prevent damage when landing on uneven terrains like rocks or beaches. The landing gear stabilizers are easy to install and have a snap-on mechanism that allows for quick installation.

7. Camera Filters

Drone cameras are the best technology to take outdoor photos for serious photographers. With a drone camera, the sky is the limit.

Drone photographers can find it difficult to photograph outdoors. Sometimes, the lighting conditions are too harsh for good photos. This could be when you’re shooting in broad daylight or at sea.

These camera filters are designed to block excessive sunlight and give you greater control over your photos. The UV filter blocks out UV light and reduces overexposure.

The CPL filter reduces reflected light. And the variable ND2-400 lets you control how much light enters your lens. A rose-petal lens hood reduces lens flare and propeller washing effects. The lens cap protector protects your lens from dust and scratches during storage or transit.

A set of camera filters is essential if you plan to pursue professional drone photography and filmmaking. This is one of thing the very best buy phantom 3 accessories. 

8. Gimbal Guard

The camera and gimbal systems are the most important parts of a drone. It is the heart of drone technology, but it is also extremely fragile. The gimbal is very close to the ground and can be easily damaged by a poor landing. Gimbal guards are a simple and inexpensive way to protect your gimbal from damage.

This beam is made of light carbon fiber and attaches directly to the landing skid. It acts as a barrier against objects that could damage your camera or gimbal.

It is small and lightweight, so you should have no problems with flight performance. It is not visible from the camera, so it doesn’t block the view of the camera. This is seen as the best accessories for the Phantom 3 standard. 

9. Transmitter Labels

The transmitter of your Phantom 3 has many different controls, buttons, switches, and rollers. It can be very easy to forget which switch does what. A set of labels can help you remember what switch does what. These self-adhesive stickers are simple to apply and easy to read.

10. Upgraded Device Bracket

The Professional and Advanced Phantom 3 models are great for holding your mobile device. Many Phantom 3 pilots have reported that the plastic bracket included with the drone can cause wobbling when using a larger device, such as a tablet 7 inches or larger.

The Inspire 1 transmitter has a metal version that can be easily replaced. This was added to my Phantom 3 Advanced transmitter, and it holds my Ipad 9.7 inch tablet perfectly. There are many options for aftermarket metal versions.

11. FPV Double-Screen Display Output Module

The Phantom 3 drones’ high-quality and low latency video feed is a major selling point. It would be a shame to only view the video feed on a mobile phone.

The Phantom 3 Pro and Advanced models only support the Double-Screen Screen Display Output Module. This module allows the remote controller to output the video feed to an HDMI device such as a monitor or FPV goggles.

This module turns your Phantom 3 drone into an interactive live video monitor. It captures and transmits real-time video to a screen. This technology offers drone pilots many commercial opportunities. It is one of the things to buy for the best DJI Phantom 3 accessories.

12. Monitor Sunshade

A beautiful sunny day is great for drone photography. However, it can be frustrating to see the sun directly on your display. A sunshade is a great accessory for any smartphone or tablet that you may have.

Sunshades for the Phantom 3 are available in various styles that will work with most mobile devices. This particular sunshade was designed for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. It attaches securely to the Phantom 3 controller’s mobile mounting, and suction cups hold the mobile device in place.

13. Extra Propellers

No matter how skilled you are in the field, it is possible to get into an accident. Propellers are the most vulnerable part of a drone to be damaged in an accident. It’s not possible to lose a propeller during a paid drone gig.

These extra propellers could be what you need to get up again after a crash. They are easy to install and can be tightened once you fly.

14. P3 Intelligent Battery

A drone business can mean that you are out in the field all day and taking aerial photos and videos until late at night. You will need to have a supply of additional flight batteries to last the day.

The DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Flying Battery is a LiPo lithium battery that works with all Phantom 3 models. The 4430 mAh capacity will give you up to 23 minutes of flight time.

An LED display is included with the battery. It displays the battery’s status and remaining power. The Intelligent part of the battery has an integrated power management system. This allows for balanced charging as well as smart charge and discharge functionality.

15. Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack

You will be flying drones all over the world with your new passion. It is vital to ensure that your drone is safe while you travel. The DJI Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack features a turtle shell design, which combines comfort and durability.

It is a DJI product and should fit Phantom 3 perfectly. There are separate compartments for the range extender, charger, and spare propellers.

Your drone and accessories will be safe in the hard shell material, even if they have to travel through extremely rough terrain. Professional drone pilots may find the DJI logo a benefit when bringing the Phantom 3 along to gigs.

Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack

Best Phantom 3 Accessories Conclusion

The Phantom 3 has come a long way since its release, but it’s still one of DJI’s older and trusted models. While it’s not a modern model of its later cousins, if you’re a beginner, you can’t go wrong with the Phantom 3.

We recommend purchasing these accessories, so you don’t miss out on the entire Phantom 3 experience. Consider investing a little extra to keep your Phantom 3 safe from avoidable damage and help a safer and more enjoyable flight experience.

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