Best Hexacopter 2022: Top Reviews For You

Best Hexacopter 2022

A hexacopter drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a UAV that can fly in the sky without the assistance of a pilot. Ground-based controllers control the machine. It is both a drone and a multirotor.

Contrary to quadcopters, which are multirotor drones that are most in-demand, the hexacopter has six motors and propeller blades. The hexacopters have six motors instead of four motors, giving them more power, height, speed, stability, and endurance.

Hexacopters are very popular among drone hobbyists. However, they are mostly used for professional-grade hexacopter, high-quality aerial photography.

In this guide, Staaker will go over the best hexacopter drones that are ideal for aerial photography. We will start by looking at the pros and cons of Hexacopter and Quadcopter.

Hexacopter vs Quadcopter

Hexacopter vs Quadcopter

The Pros

Hexacopters offer many tangible advantages over the quadcopter. They also look amazing. Although they are more expensive than quadcopters of the same size, their advantages in many cases outweigh this disadvantage.

Lifting Power

Two other motors mean 30% more lift. This can be a huge advantage when trying to fly a professional camera. Quadcopters can only dream of quadcopters getting so much air in a hexacopter.


Hexacopters can achieve speeds that are comparable to quadcopters, regardless of their size. This is due to more thrust and better flight stability, wind resistance, and flight stability. We’ll be discussing this next.


A hexacopter does not have four thrust pillars like a quadcopter. Instead, six rotors are spaced 120 degrees apart. This makes it more stable. This is like adding two legs to a table that already has four legs. It’s much harder to rock.

Okay, that might be a silly analogy. But hexacopters have more stability, making them an excellent choice for the interface between professional and consumer drones.


Hexacopters can fly higher than quadcopters by having two additional propellers or motors. Although this isn’t important to most people as modern quadcopters can fly quite high, certain situations can be a significant advantage.


Perhaps the most important feature of a killer hexacopter is its ability to land safely, even if one rotor fails. How is that possible? It helps us to understand why quadcopters fly.

Quadrotors are designed to work together in pairs so that their torque is balanced. The drone will stay in place if all four of its rotors spin at the same speed. If one pair is spinning at a different speed, the drone will turn. If a quadcopter’s motor stops working, it will lose its ability to maintain a stable flight. It will eventually go down.

The flight controller can use five of the remaining motors to maintain stable flight and prevent a motor from failing on a hexacopter. This feature is great for drones with camera equipment that costs more than their expensive price tags.

See more about the Differences Between Hexacopter Vs Quadcopter Here.

The Cons

There are also some drawbacks to hexacopters. There is no perfect solution. Quadcopters are a good choice for most drone buyers. Let’s take a look at the major drawbacks to hexacopters.


Hexacopters require long arms to keep props from rubbing against each other. They also take up more space than quads of a similar class. As you can see, this has many drawbacks. It isn’t easy to fold compact DJI quads. A quad cannot fly in narrow spaces, and big drones can be difficult to transport.


It’s not enough to add two props to a quad and call that a day. Hexacopters are more expensive than quadcopters. They have more advanced frames and flight controllers. However, you get a significant performance boost for your extra money.

Octocopters are the next step up but don’t offer the same value as the hexacopter leap. They are a reasonable price-performance compromise for multirotor across the spectrum.

Best Hexacopter Drones

Top Rated Best Hexacopter Drones

Bestseller No. 1
S550 Hexacopter Frame Kit...
  • S550 is the quadcopter frame...
  • High quality PCB version...
Bestseller No. 2
uxcell Bullnose Propellers...
  • Diameter: 5 inch; Pitch: 4.5...
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm;...
Bestseller No. 3
QWinOut F550 Airframe RC...
36 Reviews
QWinOut F550 Airframe RC...
  • FrameWheel F550 (Notice Not...
  • This combo we provide...
Bestseller No. 4
QWinOut Q705 Six-axls Folding...
  • Full 3K pure carbon carbon...
  • with Foldable arm, Wheelbase...
SaleBestseller No. 5
TAROT FY690S 6 Axle Full 3K...
  • Uses Toray carbon fiber 3K...
  • Tarot FY690S Full 6 axis...
Bestseller No. 6
uxcell RC Propellers 6030 6x3...
  • Diameter: 6 inch; Pitch: 3...
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm;...

Best Professional Camera Hexacopter: DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The DJI Matrice 600 PRO is my favorite professional cinematography helicopter, and it is reasonably priced.

DJI is home to some of the best quadcopters and hexacopters globally, including the Matrice 600 PRO, which is their most powerful machine yet.

It is a redesign of the original matrix 100 and an upgrade to the Matrice 600. The PRO was added to the name.

It has some solid specs. One of these is the 38-minute flight time. The 6kg (13.2 lb) weight means it can carry most camera rigs (including gimbals).

It can be used for videography and aerial photography, but it can also be used in industrial applications.

The Matrice 600 Pro can fly between -10deg and 40deg C, which is impressive considering that most drones cannot fly below freezing.

Its great feature is 65 mph (104 kph), which allows it to track cars and other fast-moving objects.

Best Hexacopter for the Money: Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec is now a major professional drone brand. In what appears to have been an instant rise, they went from being virtually unknown to a serious rival to DJI.

The Yuneec Typhoon H drone is the best example in the company’s drone portfolio. This professional drone is a class-leading model, packed with great features and priced to match. It’s priced to rival quadcopters such as the Phantom 4 from DJI. It’s a little bit of a bargain.

It is important to find out if the prop has been retired. If one of the six prongs fails, your camera and drone will still work.

The Yuneec has more in common than professional hexacopters with high-end quads. It’s an integrated unit with an OEM camera. This drone will not be used to lift a professional camera from a third party.

You have many options and features like a camera drone. The Typhoon’s retractable landing gear is similar to an Inspire. It’s also much more stable than quads of comparable price. The gimbal that houses the 4K camera can rotate 360 degrees, making it possible to take shots that are impossible with other drones.

Although you can have one operator working on either flight or camera duties, the Typhoon’s autonomous modes make it possible to fly it solo. You can choose from various flight patterns and then focus on taking the shots you want.

Although the camera is not cinematic-grade, it’s good enough to do some professional work. It’s also good enough to use for amateurs. The flight endurance is approximately 25 minutes, and the time it takes to recharge fully is about two hours. This is a bit long.

Two optional accessories make the drone shine. The first is a carry bag that folds down to store the drone. Another is the “Wizard”, which allows one person to pilot the drone and the other to use the main remote for the camera. Tracking mode is a great feature.

The Typhoon will follow the Wizard’s path. I could mention many other things, like the sophisticated software and advanced obstacle avoidance, but that’s all for now. It is worth mentioning that the Typhoon should be on any price list.

Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter 4K...
  • This Certified Refurbished...
  • READY OUT OF THE BOX - Comes...

MJX X600 X-SERIES Hexacopter

This little gem will help you learn everything you need about drones. This is a great budget-priced helicopter that provides lots of fun from the air.

Best feature 1: 6-axis gyro flight control system for added flight stability

Best feature 2: Three flight modes: beginner/intermediate/expert

Plus points: User-friendly features, affordable, headless mode

Minus points: No GPS, which makes a return to home feature a bit gimmicky

The cool design was what first caught my attention with the MJX X600. This may seem like an insignificant point. Drone pilots love their hexacopters to fly well and look great. Its appeal is further enhanced by the six brightly colored LED lights at its bottom.

The MJX X600 features a 6-axis gyro flight control system for extra stability. This feature is particularly important for drones with cameras (not included), as it allows you to capture clear aerial footage.

For beginner pilots, a headless feature is also a great option. The return to home function allows the craft to return to the transmitter. Although it is not precise, the return to home feature works well.

The MJX X600 Hexacopter does not have a GPS function, and fancy flying is limited to 3D flips. The MJX X600 Hexacopter is a helicopter that people can have realistic expectations of. They are happy with what it has, rather than complaining about what it lacks. Once you have mastered this baby, you can move on.

The hexacopter provides pilots with an enjoyable flying experience and is very fun. Six motors keep the craft more stable than quads. This allows the operator to improve their aerial photography skills. This hexacopter is capable and affordable for less than 100 dollars.

Best Hexacopter for entry level : COOCHEER MJX X800

A hexacopter does not have to be a large, expensive camera drone. In terms of pure flying pleasure, a toy-grade quadcopter will usually outperform your quadcopter. They’ll be slightly more expensive than a quadcopter of the same size, but they are much less expensive at this scale.

The MJX 800 is a medium-sized hexacopter, which is why it’s so highly recommended. This is because it’s an amazing helicopter to fly. The addition of prop guards around the multirotor makes it a great choice for beginners.

The MJX can perform powerful, automated rolls in almost any direction. This feature is available on many toy quads, but the MJX’s rolls are more stable and robust than those of other drones.

The motion mode allows you to change the controller to move your drone according to how you rotate and move the entire controller. It’s very intuitive, and it’s a great add-on.

The flight times are around 8 minutes. Recharges can be done via USB. Although this is a slow flight, it’s possible to buy some extra batteries. You can buy an extra camera or make it a fun drone. However, this is probably not worth the price.

Best Value: WL Toys RC Hexacopter Skywalker V323 Drone

If you are serious about hexacopters, the WLToys V323 will be your best choice. This beast is huge, stable, and lots of fun to fly. It’s not feature-packed, so why is it there?

Miniature drones are a favorite hobby of many people. You can also find micro and nano crafts. Others prefer the balance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are average in size. Then some believe that big is beautiful and much more fun. The Skywalker is large but easy to master. It also has a headless mode.

The Skywalker V323 is ready for flight (RTF) right out of the box. Its size and flight stability make it an ideal choice for novices. Although it isn’t a racer, it is a great training craft. It’s fun to fly, which is what most pilots want.

The WLToys RC helicopter doesn’t have a camera, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. The dual clip system allows for the attachment of a GoPro or another camera.

Users have reported that motor fails can overheat when they are pushed too hard. It is best not to push the motor at maximum speed.

Most people are impressed by the size and power of WLToys RC Hexacopter Skywalker V323. Although the flight time is a little short, it’s not a major problem. There’s much more to love than there are to complain about. This puppy is ready for big-scale fun if you are looking to see and be seen.

Tarot 680PRO HexaCopter Folding Frame 3K Carbon (KIT)

This kit is a best choice for the best helicopter kit because of many reasons. tarot-680 pro-hexacopter best; it can capture 1080p video and has a no distortion camera lens. This drone building kit includes everything you need to fly the drone. It can fly for around 30 minutes and is located at the right place in the drone chain to capture HD images for action sports or real estate.

Smart mode is great for novice pilots. The return home function can help you locate your way back if you get lost in your search for footage. Glonass and U.S. GPS are available for reliability and accuracy, while an additional high-definition camera and 3-axis stabilization gimbal are included in the all-inclusive package.

The camera can capture 1080p/60fps video and 16 MP still images. The ST-10 can be streamed to your ST-10 controller up to 600m away. If you have multiple devices, you can reach them up to 120m. This kit is the best hexacopter kit because it includes everything you need.

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter

The DJI Spreading Wings S900 helicopter is a Cadillac model of the best hexacopter equipped with a camera. This DJI S900 is made from very light materials like carbon fiber.

Motors with improved performance. You can take out the upper centerboard to install the main controller, flight controller, and IMU.

With a weight of 3.2 ounces, this DJI S900 Spreading Wings is the best hexacopter to replace the DJI Spreading Wings S800 Evo. This hexacopter is equipped with retractable landing gear and is the best option for anyone looking to shoot with a reliable helicopter.

It is a trusted brand known for its agility and reliability. It works with the Zenmuse Z15 and GH3 and GH4 gimbles. It is amazing how lighter arms can be stronger. This is where you can capture some intense and stunning footage.

Hobbypower DIY F550 Hexacopter Frame Kit

Pilots who prefer to build their drones from scratch feel more in control of their aircraft. Hobbypower F550 is the best DIY hexacopter frame for sale. Although it doesn’t include a camera, the mount can hold a camera rig that is suitable for either serious aerial photography or recreational flying drones.

Hobbypower F550 is a popular machine that has excellent stability and can fly for around 30 minutes. The machine arrives disassembled but includes an ESC and brushless motor, flight controller, GPS module, and flight controller.

It has a “smart mode” feature that is great for novice pilots. Also, it includes a return to the home function that will help your drone get back to where it left off. Unfortunately, the charger and battery are sold separately.

This kit is a great choice for DIY drone enthusiasts. This kit is very affordable, considering it can be used for commercial purposes (as long as you have the license). You will need super glue to attach some components. Some reviews have indicated that the colors you receive in your mail may not match those on Amazon.

Best agricultural hexacopter: DJI Agras T16

The DJI Agras T16 is the perfect agricultural helicopter.

It can hold up to 16 liters of fluid for crop spraying. This drone can also cover up to 10 ha per hour.

It’s water-resistant (IP67), dust-proof, and corrosion-proof. This means you can be sure it’s safe and won’t lose its value over time.

Although the battery life may not be impressive, it’s quite remarkable considering how far it can fly on a full tank.

The RTK module provides extra precision with GPS and GLONASS. It can also be connected to Galileo.

The ag drone can also be folded, making it easier to transport than you might think. It can be folded down to 25% of its original size.

Best FPV Hexacopter drone: Flywoo HEXplorer 4s

Flywoo HEXplorer LR 4 4"...
  • Equipped with GOKU HEX F745...
  • Uses powerful F745 BGA chip...

What’s the point in an FPV drone a hexacopter, though?

It can also carry more weight than the four motor equivalent. This means that you can carry a bigger GoPro with a 4 in hexacopter such as this one.

This hexacopter drone FPV has one of our first six in1 ESC boards in such a small package.

It can take a 4s battery, and it is small for all the power it generates with six motors. It is not designed for aerial acrobatics, but it can do flips and cruise with ease.

MOTA Pro Live-5000 FPV Drone

Are you looking for an affordable hexacopter? We recommend the MOTA Live-5000FPV Drone.

Six rotor drone MOTA Pro live.

The drone has many great features for both beginners and more experienced pilots. You can control the drone from your smartphone or tablet using mobile integration. It is small enough to fit into tight spaces and can be used for aerial inspection or surveillance.

The Y-Axis design is the cool factor. It has six propellers stacked in three groups instead of being spread out as with other hexacopters. This design is more efficient and allows for longer flight times with a single charge. Its Y-Axis design allows it to be smaller without sacrificing quality.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

Because of its popularity, advanced features, and affordability, I chose the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro. I was impressed by the retractable landing gear, which is a rarity for drones in this category. It’s worth noting the 360-degree rotating camera, which has 4K video and 12MP stills. With 25 minutes of flight time, there are plenty of opportunities for aerial footage.

The only problem I have with the wide-angle lens is the slight distortion at the outer edges. Although it isn’t too bad, it’s still noticeable to anyone who has a keen eye. Another problem is the 2-hour charging time of batteries.

This hexacopter is very easy to fly. The dedicated controller has a 7-inch touchscreen that allows you to choose between the autonomous flight modes. You can choose from follow/watch-me, return to home mode, point-of-interest, journey mode, and curve cable cam modes.

The majority of Typhoon H Pro Hexacopter buyers are happy with their purchase. They love the professional features and the affordable price. And they also appreciate the outstanding after-sales service offered by Yuneec.

The Yuneec Typhoon H is everything you expect from a consumer camera drone, plus a little more. Although it won’t meet all your needs, it won’t disappoint anyone who invests in it.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with...
  • Item Package Dimension: 19.3L...
  • Item Package Weight -...


The device has a 3D Split Screen display, which is compatible with 3D VR Headsets. Headless Mode, a new feature in the DBPOWER drone series, allows users to improve flight control with just one operation.

The FPV-type real-time transmission capability allows users to view recordings directly from their smartphones. This drone is a smart way to get kids off of TV, video games, and computers. The best part about it is that you can use it for indoor and outdoor flights.


With the help of Android or iOS devices, users can enjoy stunning real-time FPV and can also transmit real-time video via Wi-Fi connectivity. UDI RC has six-axis type gyro stabilization and headless mode, so you can fly your drone without worrying about where it is going.

The drone can be in the air for up to 6-9 minutes and takes between 120 minutes to charge fully. You can take stills at a 1280×960 rating, while videos can be captured up to 640×480. Video control ranges up to 30 meters are allowed.

FAQs Regarding Best Hexacopter

FAQs Regarding Hexacopter Drone

How does a hexacopter work then?

The hexacopter propels itself using six motors (usually brushless) and gains lift from that power. Motors must spin at different speeds to allow a hexacopter to move in any direction. The motors can be adjusted to tilt the drone in the desired direction and propel it.

How big can a hexacopter payload be?

Heavy lifting hexacopters can lift weights to 16kg. However, if you are looking for the most powerful lifting drones on the market, I recommend my article.

Is Hexacopter more stable than a quadcopter?

The hexacopter is more stable and can still function after losing its motor. The hexacopter can fly higher than the quadcopter and can carry heavier payloads.


Why should I buy a hexacopter drone?

Hexacopters can carry more weight due to the additional power provided by the propellers. This is a great option for carrying a heavy camera rig.

Where can I buy a Hexacopter?

Amazon and Banggood are two of the best places you can buy hexacopters.

Amazon is my preferred site for most purchases, as it is quicker to ship. However, Bangood is a Chinese site where most people purchase their FPV drones. If you are looking to build your drone with parts, Bangood might be the best option.

The DJI official site is the best place to purchase DJI-related products.


We hope you found this article helpful in choosing the best hexacopter drones on sale. There’s something for everyone, no matter what price range you choose, whether you want something more expensive or less expensive, advanced or beginner-friendly, a camera-equipped hexacopter or one that allows you to attach your camera, there is something for you!

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