Best Drone Apps 2021: Top Brands Reviewed

Best Drone Apps 2021

Smartphones are a few of the most flexible tools at our disposal; “there is a program for all,” they state.

For us, drone pilots that the situation isn’t any different. There’s an array of programs we can utilize to boost our piloting experience and make our lives simpler, from programs that inform you when you are at a no-fly zone, others that predict the sun’s place to have that perfect sunset shot.

In the following report, Staaker will let you know in brief about a few of the Best Drone Apps, even using a link right to your device’s app shop.

Let us get into it!

Top Rated Best Drones Apps - universal drone app

Top Rated Best Drone App

1. Kittyhawk

Sometimes you need to have an app that does all. Regrettably, that program does not exist, but Kittyhawk comes pretty close.

This fantastic drone app can assist you with pre-flight checks, weather, no-fly zones, maps with air traffic data, flight logs, and post-flight analysis.

Kittyhawk keeps adding new features, making the program increasingly useful. However, the be features require a subscription.

It is well worth downloading and trying yourself.

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2. Litchi

If you are not pleased with the DJI Go program, or even when you’re, you ought to have a peek at Litchi. It is a fantastic choice, and several consider it to be exceptional.

It delivers some fairly impressive autonomous monitoring features that are fantastic for shooting movies.

Litchi’s flight styles comprise Panorama, Orbit me, Follow me, Ground channel and Waypoints, VR Mode (Virtual Reality), and Concentrate.

My favorite feature is the capacity to plan your flights out in advance with the Mission Hub on my PC.

Once on location, it is going to follow the route that you have pre-programmed perfectly.

It is among the costlier drone apps at $23. That means you are going to want to utilize those features sufficient to warrant the cost.

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3. Tesla Field Recorder

This drone program does something that I have not seen any other programs do. It checks for magnetic fields. You might be asking yourself why this could be helpful.

The compass on your drone employs magnetic fields, and when there is magnetic action at or close to where you are, you might have problems.

I had had problems with this before, mainly when I flew the aptly-named Magnetic Island off Australia’s coast. This program came in rather handy then.

You can’t just find magnetic fields and capture them and discuss them with anybody else that you believe will find them helpful.

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4. DJI Go

If you are a recreational drone pilot, then there is a fantastic chance you will be flying a drone fabricated by DJI.

There is no denying that DJI dominates the consumer drone marketplace. Therefore the DJI Go program is a straightforward option.

In its most fundamental, it is going to fly your DJI drone and command the camera. That is only the start, however.

It has several features that exploit the energy of DJI’s amazing drones.

Intelligent flight manners, dwell HD perspective, flight info monitoring and logging, and also the capacity to edit and share videos and photos directly in the program.

There are other drone programs accessible, but you need to provide DJI programs ago at least.

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B4UFly - drone controller app

5. B4UFly

If you reside in the USA, you will need to be sure that you’re after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

B4UFly is your app that the FAA has produced to make it super easy to understand where you can and can not fly your drone in the US.

It features a thorough list of every airport in the nation and a 5-mile radius around everyone.

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6. UAV Forecast

If you’d like a drone program that provides you more detail about the weather, then UAV Forecast is it. This program will say what a drone pilot might ever wish to learn more about the weather.

You punch in the info regarding your drone, and UAV Forecast will inform you whether it is safe to fly or not.

The program will inform you about wind speed, direction, temperature, and calm. You will want to learn about cloud cover and visibility, and notably the opportunity of rain.

All of this and more could be seen within this program. Also, it is free.

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7. PhotoPills

If I could use 1 photography program, it could be PhotoPills. This little program has way too many features to pay for. But a number are helpful for drone photography.

The Planner and Sun tablets are beneficial, letting you find the motion, management, and sunlight angles at any specific moment.

It’s possible to plan sunset and sunrise photographs, which also helps you understand how much light you might have.

The Planner pill currently includes Drone View, which permits you to program compositions according to your flying altitude.

I didn’t believe the app could find any more practical, after which it did.

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8. Google Maps

As an obsessive photo planner, Google Maps is just one of my very best buddies.

It helps many jobs, such as finding drone picture places and locating the best places to start.

Additionally, it measures distances, and naturally, figuring out how to get there.

This is frequently the very first place I visit, especially if you’re searching for interesting compositions that you would never have the ability to see on the floor.

I spend hours viewing Google Maps and rescue places having the capacity for drone landscape photographs.

The topographical map at Terrain Mode is a fantastic assistance to find the shapes of the landscape better.

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9. Hover

Drawing on the invaluable information out of AirMap, Hover is an elementary program that lets you know whether it is safe to fly on your present site. That can be good knowledge to get if you would like to produce comprehensive flight strategies.

It foundations on not just air traffic and your place concerning airports, national parks, and so on, but also, it considers wind and weather at your present site.

Hover also includes flight-logging features that you can store and send to your own.

This attribute is not specific to Hover, but it means that you can avoid downloading still another program to log your flights. Both for ios and android telephones, this is among the best flight app for iPhone ( app for drone camera)

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10. Airmap

A must-have for every drone pilot. Whether you are a recreational or commercial drone with a camera, AirMap will have the ideal features for you.

Some of the advanced features include drone mapping, geofencing, and flight logging. Even when you’re a newcomer and don’t have any use for these, the program’s location-based flight limitation info is essential for everybody with a drone.

AirMap has advice about UAV legislation in more than 20 nations. This is particularly practical for drone photographers that prefer to travel.

AirMap may likewise be set to command DJI drones, enabling pilots to map airport flight routes and command their drones from within the program.

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11. Google Earth

As you know, the very first thing you are likely to have to perform using any drone (after enrolling it) will be to figure outside somewhere to fly.

The truth is, there are a few drones devoted to mapping programs on our list now; they’re great at demonstrating where it’s safe to fly. Safe areas to fly is 1 thing, but until you reach that stage, why don’t you conjure Google Earth to discover excellent places to fly. Google Earth is accessible to your mobile device and on the internet too.

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Those are only a couple of our best drone app. Incorporating them in your workflow can improve your results, allow you to become a better, more efficient pilot, and, naturally, make it much less probable you will get into trouble by simply flying your drone at which you should not.

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