Best DJI Spark Accessories 2021: Top Reviews For You

Best Dji Spark Accessories 2021

DJI Spark is proving to be a huge success, and the drone that most clearly indicates this technology has become mainstream. Drones are not just for geeky geeks like us. It’s now as common to grab a selfie drone as a smartphone.

The DJI Spark, unlike most drones, is designed for beginners and novice pilots. What happens when you are confident with your Spark? Do not rush to buy a larger and more powerful drone.

Spark owners can make their drones even better with the help of a vibrant community of third-party accessories and modders. There are many options available, but there are some that are particularly useful.

You should consider purchasing the Best DJI Spark accessories. These accessories will help you get the best shots and the DJI Spark drones.

Top Best Accessories For DJI Spark

Top Best Accessories For The DJI Spark

Bestseller No. 1
O'woda 3 in 1 Accessories Kits for DJI Spark: 1...
  • Function - These protection...
  • Props Guard with Landing Gear...
  • Lens Sun Hood - Prevent glare,...
  • Foldable Propellers - Foldable...
  • Package List:1 set propellers...
Bestseller No. 2
8pcs Propeller for DJI Spark Drone,4730F...
  • 8 pieces quick release folding...
  • Quick-release design easy to...
  • Foldable design convenient to...
  • Replace the broken blade...
  • Product include: 8 pieces...
Bestseller No. 3
DJI 2X 1480 mAh Intelligent Flight Battery for...
  • This bundle includes 2 DJI...
  • The Spark Intelligent Flight...
  • 12 intelligent protection...
  • Max focal length: 0.01
Bestseller No. 4
AxPower OTG Micro USB to iPhone IOS Cable 1ft...
766 Reviews
AxPower OTG Micro USB to iPhone IOS Cable 1ft...
  • 【Premium Quality】We set...
  • 【Ultra-fast charge & data...
  • 【Universality】This OTG...
Bestseller No. 5
DJI Goggles 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone...
191 Reviews
DJI Goggles 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone...
  • Dual 1920 x 1080 HD Screens;...
  • 720p/60 fps Viewing; Head...
  • Intelligent Flight Mode...
  • HDMI Input & 3.5mm Audio Jack;...
  • Ergonomic, Lightweight Design;...
Bestseller No. 6
HUL Drone Case for DJI Spark and Transmitter...
  • Designed to fit DJI Spark with...
  • Pre-cut foam inserts with...
  • Reinforced PU exterior offers...
  • When first opened the case has...


We’re sure you won’t use your Spark to fly it. Its high-quality camera will allow you to capture amazing images. The Spark camera can shoot HD videos, and unlike other drones, it doesn’t have an internal memory card or hard drive to store all your data.

It does have a slot to hold a memory card. It is possible to insert a good memory card into the drone and begin recording your favorite views.

MicroSD cards come at different speeds. Some have slower write speeds, while others are much faster. The video quality will be smoother if the write speed is higher.

It is crucial to choose the right SD card. A low-quality card can cause blurry and unfocused video because it cannot keep up with Spark’s speed.

Spark can be used with 64GB of memory. You can either start with 32GB cards and then expand them later or keep spares to swap out on the move.

Drone Landing Pad

Drone Landing Pad

A drone landing pad is one of my favorite accessories! Spark is very low to ground. The Spark has very few rubber feet at the bottom. Other than that, the Spark is very exposed to the elements. It is possible to buy landing gear that clips to the bottom and lifts it about an inch off the ground.

It provides a flat and dry surface for you to land on. It is great for landing and taking off on grass or sand/beaches. It protects the grass from the spinning propellers and keeps dust, dirt, and moisture away from your gimbal. The smaller size (55cm) works well with Spark.

However, larger sizes are available for larger drones. It can be folded up by twisting the pad and comes in a small zip-bag to keep it ‘contained. You can even stick it in the ground with the pegs included (mine was blown into a river …).

Landing Gear

The landing gear gives your drone more ground clearance so that it can land in difficult terrain without crashing into anything.

This attachment can affect wind performance. I always feel my spark in mid-air.

Prop guards cannot be used with all landing gear. Below are some bundles that include prop guards that foldable landing gear or landing gear used with the bundled prop protectors.

Propeller Guards

DJI Spark Prop Guards

It’s less likely that you’ll fly the Spark close to people than the Phantom or Mavic drones. After all, it’s a selfie drone. Even though the Spark is small, it can still cause injury if the propellers strike you, especially if they are on your face. Propeller guards are here to help.

These guards attach to the propeller bases and allow you to bump into them without causing damage or crashing the drone.

It is important to protect drone’s propellers from any potential hazards when flying indoors or in high-risk areas. For the Spark, DJI offers simple clip-on propeller protectors. These guards are available in four sizes, including the Fly More combo.

If you need replacement, or did not get the DJI Spark Fly More combo, you can get a DJI Propeller Guard for Spark for $19 today or included in the DJI Spark Fly More combo.

Neutral Density Filters

These filters allow you to capture more cinematic footage in bright sunlight. The rule of thumb is to keep the shutter speed at 2x the frame rate. For example, if you are shooting at 30fps at 4k on Spark, your shutter speed should be as close as 60.

ND filters, which reduce the amount of sunlight entering the lens, can achieve this except in the dark/cloudy conditions. This allows you to maintain a 2x frame rate for smooth, cinematic footage. It also makes it easier to color correct your footage post-production with the fixed shutter speed.

These ND filters can all be attached to Spark before it is turned on.

Rugged Carry Cases

The Spark is not meant to replace professional drones or extreme sports drones. The Spark’s excellent camera and flight performance make it easy to transport it to remote areas.

You might consider purchasing a ruggedized case to carry your drone and drones accessories. This will allow you to take your drone wherever you go, but it will be heavier.

Spare Batteries

The battery life of the Spark drone is limited, so it’s a good idea to have a few extra batteries. Although the Spark has a 16 minute maximum flight time, it can fly for anywhere between 8 and 12 minutes in real-world scenarios. Make sure you have spare batteries.

We recommend three spare batteries for the Phantom and Mavic because of their weight and size. However, you can take more with the Spark as they are lighter and less bulky. The spark also has the advantage of charging the batteries via micro-USB, so you can recharge your device while you’re on the move.

DJI Goggles

DJI Goggles

DJI Goggles is the official DJI FPV solution. Not too long ago, I wrote about how much technology is packed into this head-mounted display. Although its price may be more expensive than the Spark drone, it will make drone flying even more enjoyable. The Goggles are compatible with most DJI drones so that you can make your next purchase with them.

Spark Battery charging hub

It is not practical or efficient to charge multiple intelligent flight batteries at once when you have many. DJI’s Battery Charging Hub can hold up to three batteries and allows you to charge them more quickly.

The charging hub detects the power level of each battery and prioritizes according to that. The charging hub is not supplied with a cable, but it can be used with the standard Spark charger.

Seagate Fly-Drive

Video files take up lots of space on SD cards. You don’t want your SD card to run out while you’re filming. Seagate Fly Drive is the ideal portable hard drive. With its massive 2TB storage, you can back up 60+ hours worth of flight data. You can transfer files to the Fly Drive using the Micro-SD slot or use it as a USB C slot.

A thick rubber lining protects the hard drive from vibrations and other hazards. It is so convenient to transfer my footage from the field without worrying about how much space I have on my SD card.

DJI currently has a special promotion for Seagate Fly-Drive customers. You will receive two months of Adobe Premiere CC video editing software when you buy the Fly Drive. You have plenty of time for some great edits.

STARTRC Waterproof Shoulder Backpack for DJI Spark drone

This shoulder backpack is perfect for DJI Spark owners who travel a lot. It can carry your DJI Spark and all drone accessories with you everywhere you go. You can also be less worried about the weather because it’s waterproof. The backpack is made from a tough polycarbonate shell, which makes it very durable.

It can protect your drone and any accessories inside from accidental drops and impacts. The backpack is large enough to hold a remote controller, charger, drone, and up to five batteries. There’s also extra room for minor accessories.

Remote Controller

Remote Controller

You can fly high-octane without using your smartphone or WiFi signal. The DJI Spark remote controller will increase the drone’s range by as much as 2 kilometers. This is a significant improvement in the 35-meter range. This range is only possible in ideal conditions. The real rage is around 1.5 km.

If you don’t plan to fly the drone far, your smartphone is a great option. You’d probably be familiar with how difficult it is to use the touchscreen controls if you’ve ever played games on your smartphone. Remote controllers allow you to feel the controls and fly more easily. Drone flying is much more enjoyable when the controls are more precise than a touchscreen.

The company’s remote controller is very portable because the handgrips can fold in, and the antennas can fold down. All you have to do to make the remote control fly is to fold the grips out and extend the antennas. The handgrips have slots that allow you to slide your phone in.

You can also pair your smartphone to the dedicated remote controller, which allows you to stream HD video live on the screen. Explore all intelligent flight features of DJI Go and get a tactile and extended range experience with the controller.

Hard Drives

We use rule three to backup footage – three copies in three locations. One copy is kept on a microSD, and two copies are stored on separate hard drives.

Each bag contains a copy of each file, so it is unlikely that any one of them will be stolen or damaged. These Seagate Passport drives are our personal choice for hard drives. These drives are reliable, affordable, and can be carried with you everywhere.

USB Power Bank

Because it can be charged via USB, the Spark is different from other DJI drones. You can also recharge your Spark using a power bank. Although it’s slower than charging from the wall, this is an option if you don’t have spare batteries or are far from mains electricity.

Tablet Mount

We are not the only ones who want to fly the DJI Spark with a tablet. It’s not. There are many ways to attach a tablet mount on the Spark controller and DJI Mavic Pro, but we’ll focus on the DJI one, the PGYTECH tablet holder.

It is simple: a base slides into a controller’s phone mount and then extends with a simple clamp for a tablet-sized device. To see the display and buttons of the DJI controller and Spark controller, you will need to look around at the tablet. However, the joysticks and buttons are not physically blocked.

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For Spark owners, the DJI Spark portable charging station is my top recommendation. The charging station’s internal battery is powerful enough to charge three Spark batteries at once. The charging station also has USB ports to charge smartphones and other intelligent devices.

It’s also easy to transport as the batteries and drone fit inside the station. It’s compact and easy to carry, making it a great help when you need to extend your flight time. Get the charging station to keep you flying and avoid a dead battery.

Drone Gimbal Cover

Collisions could damage the camera gimbal during transport. Gimbal cover can help to reduce your concerns. This robust protection for your Gimbal will make dust, water, and bumps less frightening.

Check out our Best Drone Gimbal here

Waterproof carrying case

Adventure-seekers looking to take aerial photos in remote, exotic places might want to consider a hard case that is shock-proof and water-proof for their Spark.

The PGYTECH Protective Spark Carrying Case and the Pelican Spark Protector Case offer top-notch protection for your drone. These cases can withstand extreme weather conditions and rough terrains, making them virtually unbreakable.

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FAQs Regarding Best drone accessories

Is DJI Spark good for beginners?

This drone is DJI’s cheapest (the Tello is offered through Ryze) and is a good choice for beginners or average consumers who don’t mind spending a little extra.


Is the DJI Spark waterproof?

It is not waterproof. It is not waterproof. DJI would fall under another category, Flying Submarine Drones if it were waterproof. M


How high will a DJI spark fly?

13,123 feet Aircraft.. Max Takeoff Weight 300g. Maximum Flight Time 16 Minutes (no wind at a constant 12.4 mph (20 km/h)). Max Hovering Time 15 Minutes (no winds) Operating Temperature Range 32deg-104deg F (0deg-40deg C). 9 more rows


Does DJI spark require a license?

Every DJI Spark operator must register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). … 55 lbs (just under two butter sticks) Each DJI Spark operator must have a compliant label to identify themselves and a Certificate of registration (Flight ID).


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Flying a drone is simple, especially with the DJI Spark. A few extras can make your quadcopter fly better and give you a more enjoyable piloting experience. These tools, both official and third-party, will help you on your way.

All accessories are not created equal. Take your time to ensure that you only purchase accessories from trusted sources, especially for extra batteries. Remember that the lighter the drone, the more stable it will be and the easier it will fly.

What was the first accessory that you bought for your DJI Spark? We’d love to hear about any other best DJI accessories you have found. Thank you for taking the time to visit


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